If life was a dream id stay here forever

This a story of my dreams and my life put all in one


5. Time together

After a couple hours my alarm was going off 10am, i looked over to see if i was the only one away. Hannah was sitting up on her bed smiling at me and his cot was empty. I then looked at my phone and found a text from him. "Hey i went to my house to take a shower, text me and let me know when to be ready for church" We all got in the car and headed to church, we sat where we usually sit the first set of seats and the fourth row back. Daddy, Momma, Hannah, I, and Him. We had a great time listening about God and singing the hymns. Afterwards Hannah went home and we went to my house. He helped me do some things around the house then told me to get ready for cheering. When i was finished he asked if i wanted to go to his house. We walked down talking and walking into each other laughing and smiling.

When we walked in we were still laughing and talking. We walked into the kitchen where his parents were and at that moment Robin smiled and walked up to me arms opened and hugged me. We had a couple conversations then He said lets go hangout till you have to go to cheering. So we first went to his room all UNC. After hanging out there we went to the game room and just layed on the sofa and watched tv. Talking about the night how much fun we had had. Sadly it was time for me to go to cheering so he gave me another amazing hug and told me hed text me!

After cheering i was sitting outside looking up at the stars when a car pooled up. It was Daddy and Him! He came to get me, i got in the car and we went home. He told me to jump in the shower then we could hangout for a little while. After a couple hours of laughing and talking he asked if i wanted to comeover after school to hangout with him we ended up spending every day together except thurday which was thanksgiving. Monday and Tuesday after school i went there. 

Monday i had to pee so when i was walking up he drive way i called him to open the door cause i had to pee, so i put my back pack down and peed when i came out he had my phone in one hand  and asked me how my day was. It was adorable. Tuesday he came to the door before i even called or texted him and i ended up having to babysit his nephew but he came over afterwards. Wednesday i didnt go to school and ended up babysitting again then when he got back from his treatment we hung out then Bobby and Amanda came home and at midnight we went to Walmart to meet Micheal and his girl friend.

In the car on the way to Walmart i was freezing. My teeth were shivering and my hands were freezing so i asked him if his hands were and he said no so said can see your hands then and he held my hands to keep them warm! it made me smile

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