If life was a dream id stay here forever

This a story of my dreams and my life put all in one


6. some fun times

Although we didnt  see each other on thanksgiving we texted all day long. Even when we were both Black Friday shopping we were texting. He ended up coming over Friday afternoon and hanging out and having dinner with my family. When the family went to eat together Momma asked if him and i could eat on the cough. So we ate together on the cough and talked and laughed and had a good time. 

We saw each other almost every day after that even after school and on the weekends.The next day i went over and hung out then that night we looked at Cyber Monday deals. He wanted to listen to music so he played old music and got me to dance with him it was fun!

He asked me on day to come over and help him decorate. So his momma went up to the attack and passed things down to me then i passed them to him. Then we all unloaded them and his house looked like a wonderland. That night his mom was tired soo she went to bed and we played music and danced around next to the lit christmas tree. With all of the christmas decorations and music playing. While we talked and giggled untill it was time for me to go home. 

A couple nights ago i was locked out of my house and he found out. He texted me asking me if i was locked out i replied with "yes..." he then texted "well come help me decorate" we spent the next couple hours decorating the outside of his house with colorful animals, presents, and lights. Afterwards we went out to eat then went driving to see Christmas lights! 

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