If life was a dream id stay here forever

This a story of my dreams and my life put all in one


2. Our first special moment

Well He has been through a lot with his kidney and everything. Over the years we became closer and closer. He became my inspiration. We could talk about anything with out it ever getting awkward. We could give each other advice and just talk.

When he had his last transplant we went to see him. My daddy wasnt being very nice this day. He was being a smart ass about everything but it seemed to be only towards me. Then after alittle while my brother joined in and it just seemed like if i opened my mouth it was bad. So i just stayed quiet  but inside i was hurt. My own father and brother were treating me like dirt for no apparent reason. My momma could tell something was wrong so she told them to knock it off but sadly it didnt seem to help. When we got to the hospital i was really upset and annoyed at this point but i wanted to be happy i was getting to see him! So i walked in and automatically couldnt stop smiling i was 100% more happy then 2 seconds before. In my head i told myself stay happy, only talk when talked to, and be nice. Otherwise we were going to go back into the hole we were in the whole way here.

When i walked in the room Robin (his mom) stood up and said , "you have company!" Mitchell didnt really react probably because he had already had plenty of company but when i walked up next to him he looked up and just smiling said a simple, "Hello" I could feel my body tingling and my face looked like a giant cherry. I handed him his gift and asked how he was. After opening all of out presents we had brought him we started talking about what news they had learned and how long before he could be home again. We seemed to only be there for what felt like five minuted but it had been an hour and half, and we were talking.

I dont remember what i said but of course i go a smart ass remark felt myself falling into the hole again.. It seemed to go on and on for about 20 minutes until i just put my head on my knees from being soo upset. The conversation finally finished when momma had to get in and threatin the next person who wanted to be disrespectful to me was leaving. Then the conversation changed but it was another sad topic. Him, and what was wrong and what they had to look out for. This made my mood sink even deeper. At this point i was quiet but no one really payed any attention. Out of sight out of mind. I had tears streaming down my face at this point. Seeing him in a hospital bed, two IVs in his body, one his arm and one his neck, he must have had more then 10 bags of fluid going into his body.

He looked better but worst at the same time. I finally peaked up not enough for anyone to notice me crying but enough to sneak a peak at him. He was starring at me... his facial expression changed in .3 seconds from smiling and talking to upset it seemed. He kind of looked at me but wouldnt stop like he was trying to tell me something i just looked back down to wipe my tears then tried to be happy again. When we were leaving i didnt know what to do should i wave and walk away or do i bend down and hug him with one arm? I walked up to him and told him to text me when ever he wanted he smiled and told me he would! I went to walk away and he just grabbed my hand and pulled me back. Like he didnt want me to leave i looked at him and he just looked me in the eyes and squeezed my hand. And smiled then softly let go and said bye i will talk to you soon. There in that moment i knew what he was telling me he was telling me not to worry that he would be okay and he didnt want me to worry. 

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