If life was a dream id stay here forever

This a story of my dreams and my life put all in one


4. A great day

I woke up to a heart wrecking sound.... my phone alarm was going off. "Time to get up Tina would be here in an hour" Mom texted me. "Oh and remember Hannah is coming over and you need to clean your room before you can go anywhere" of course i replied with "yes maam" After the game Hannah was here for the weekend and already unpacked and actually started to clean alittle. I finished up and heard a knock on my door right before i could open it my heart skipped a beat and i had this feeling... i seemed to always come when He was here. Im home! :) As he said hi to Hannah he looked at me but i didnt know why.. Hannah went back into her own world while him and I were just standing a foot away from each other looking at each other smiling...

I didnt know what to do so i stuck my tongue out at him haha, his smile got even bigger. The he asked if i had missed him, now why the hell would i not but i played along and replied with "of course i did" he then told me how my parents told him about me asking every night and day if i could go see him, and how upset i got when they joked about going to see him without me. He then looked at me but differently, he was extremely happy and his eyes glowed more then the sun. Those beautiful turquoise eyes of his, because of his kidney disease his puple has dropped i tell him i love it every time i see him. He always smiles and says he wished he had eyes like mine. See my eyes change according to what im wearing and according to the weather. 

Then again we found our selves standing, staring, and smiling at each other. He finally said now can i have a hug please? I ran up to him and hugged him, now we have hugged many times before but this time was different. He squeezed me but not too tight just enough and lifted my toes just off the ground. Squeezing the bottom of my back then softly and gently letting go but quickly squeezing again. I could feel his breath on my neck he was soo tall compared to me and i loved it. My head felt like a puzzle piece to his neck, perfectly fitting right there soft and comfortable.

After a couple minutes we slowly released and he just looked at me and told me how we have to hug like that more often. I asked him if hed liked to go to the mall, he excitedly said yes! In my head i processed this. He came home from the hospital and came over to see me and give me this hug and instead of doing anything else he chooses to go to the mall with me and some friends all day? I was so happy i couldnt stop smiling when we got to the mall him and i walked side by side while everyone else stood around us. It was six of us and we all were talking to one other person. Mia and Hannah, Him and I, and Keddy and Danny. 

When we got home he asked if we wanted to watch movies, we ended up watching movies until 6am sunday morning. i had my bed then the matris for hannah and a cot for mitchell. During the movies we were all talking soo Hannah layed on the matres and him and i layed on his cot. Whenever i got cold i could feel him get closer. Every once and a while he would play with my hands then we would hold hands then if i got cold he would be closer and closer. We talked and laughed and had a great time till we all were passed out. First Hannah then i started drifting off right next to him, while playing with each others hands. I then went to my bed and fell asleep.

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