If life was a dream id stay here forever

This a story of my dreams and my life put all in one


1. How far we have come

The know that quote; "i never knew you be this important to me when we first met?" Well this proves that, that is correct. When we first moved here he became my brothers best friend, always over but we only really talked when we were together. That may have been because i was younger. But i always looked up to him. See he has kidney disease and has for years. I never really heard the story untill i could weeks ago. He told me that when he was 8 he was getting ready for bed his hands got all cramped up and were really hurting soo he went to get his parents. They called the hospital and had to take him in to get tested, the doctor then told him that if he would have just gone to be he would have had a heart attack and died. Im so happy that he didnt go to bed because what we have would have never happened. We would have never met and you would never be able to hear this story. 

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