I loved Harry. I loved him before he even knew I existed. I pictured us in a relationship. In my mind, we were meant to be. But after that concert, it all changed for the better, AND for the worst.


1. The Day

~Kayla's POV~

It was already 7 pm. I texted my best friend Autumn, asking where she was. There were different camera crews everywhere, and Live While We're Young was blasting throughout all of 7th avenue. Girls were EVERYWHERE with their not-so enthusiastic parents. I fingered the collar of my blazer awaiting for the reply. 

I snapped my head around as soon as I heard her voice say "Hey!!!"  

"Oh my gosh you almost gave me a heart attack!!! C'mon, we only have like... 25 minutes before the show starts."

"Yeah, LET'S GO!" she replied.

We ran up the stairs to Madison Square Garden, her in her "Harry. Liam. Niall. Louis. Zayn." shirt and skinnys, and me in my navy blazer, skinny jeans, and Converse. 

We anxiously waited to hand in our tickets, and as soon as we did, we made a mad dash to our seats. Tonight was going to be crazy.

~ 3 Hours Later~

We were still shaken up over the concert. The only thing going through my mind was 'YOU DON'T KNOW-OH-OH YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFULLLLLLL'

Autumn and I almost lost each other in the sea of girls exiting MSG. We pushed our way to the front of the 1D World Store.


"OMG YES LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO" I said as I began to drag her to the back of MSG.

There were police barricades lining the back exit and there were at the most 30 fans there. We grabbed a spot at the front of the barricade and checked our twitters. Mid- tweet, the fans were going CRAZY. I looked up to see Niall, Zayn Louis, Liam, and Harry running up to the anxious fans taking pics with them and signing things for them.

My heart was going wild as I saw Harry glance over to me and he walked STRAIGHT towards me. THIS. WAS. NOT HAPPENING.

"Hey love," Harry said to me with his beautiful British accent.

"Hi!!" I said, trying to fix my curls at the same time.

"Just a quick question,"

"Yes Harry?"

"Are you dressed as me? Haha" Harry asked.

My face IMMEDIATELY turned red.

"Uh, I actually am, haha . This isn't too weird is it?" I tried to play off my embarrassment with playful giggles here and there.

"No, not at all babe! It's a good look on you!" Harry said while showing off his deep dimples.

"Oh good; I honestly didn't think this would happen today, well meeting you,"

" I didn't think this would happen either," he said, pointing to the fans with a laugh. He continued,

" So how are you and your lovely friend getting home tonight?" while glancing to Autumn. Her smile was from ear to ear!!

" We actually have no idea, we don't come to this part of Manhattan much." I answered, trying to play it off like I wasn't completely star-struck.

" Oh; well would you like a ride with me and the boys? It wouldn't hurt to have 2 fans come in the car with us!" Harry said to us.

Autumn and I immediately looked at each other, and in perfect unison said,


"Okay cool, climb over this barricade and then we could go," he said with a smile. By this time, Niall had joined Harry and helped Autumn over and Harry helped me over.

We hugged all of the boys and climbed into their black SUV. 

In the front seat was Louis, the second row was Autumn and Niall, Zayn and Perrie, and in the back row was me, Harry, and Liam.

Harry and I immediately stared chatting each other up, talking about things we had in common, like our hair, and Niall was talking to Autumn about Nandos.

Since it was already 12am, and it was too late to go back over the bridge to Brooklyn, Autumn and I went back to their hotel and stayed in a room, courtesy of Harry. Harry and Niall walked us to our rooms and asked us if we wanted to hang out with them in the morning. We obviously agreed and they gave us cheeky grins and said that they'd knock on our door at 9 am. 

As Autumn and I settled into our rooms, we immediately noticed some minor problems.

1) We had no pajamas, or clothes, or anything.

2) Our parents had NO idea where we were.

So we ran down the hall to Harry and Niall's room and quietly knocked on the door. To our surprise, they were eating pizza and watching a movie.

"Hi Autumn, Hey Kayla." Niall greeted us. "Wanna come inside?" 

"Yeah, sure," Autumn said as she grinned at Niall and walked into the room with me behind her.

I sat down next to Harry as he offered me a pizza slice. I grabbed a slice while Autumn said,

" Sorry to interrupt your guys' movie, but we just realized we have no clothes or pajamas, and out mothers don't know where we are. Would it be okay if we could borrow something from you guys or from Perrie or Danielle? And we need to ask our moms if we could stay here,"

" Oh you can borrow some stuff from us, and as for your mothers, I can have my mum call yours so that she can convince them that you guys are in good hands!" Harry replied with his mouth half stuffed with pizza.

Niall rummaged through his drawer and gave Autumn his loose tank that had a red 'A' on it and a pair of his navy boxers.

"Trust me, they're clean. Hahah" he told her as he handed the clothes with his big brace-laced grin. Autumn smiled at him as she grabbed them.

Harry gave me his 'Hipsta Please' shirt with his pajama pants. When I say with his pants, I mean he literally took them off of him, leaving him shirtless with only his Calvin Klein boxers on.

"If you were a directioner, you'd know I don't really need these," he said while handing me his pants with a big laugh.

"Yeah I know, haha!" I replied while grabbing the shirt and pants.

"OH! And what's your mum's number, so my mum can call her." Harry asked me.

I gave him my mom Alex's number and he immediately called his mom.

"Hello mum? It's Haz. You know how we brought the two fans to the hotel,  Kayla and Autumn? Well we were wondering if you could call up Kayla's mum and let her know they're with us at the Plaza? We wouldn't want them to think they were with random people at midnight.... Her number is 867-5303. Yeah, I'll hold. " Harry whispered to us saying "She's calling now," he returned to the phone a minute later. Autumn and I had our fingers crossed... what are the odds that you can spend the night with your celebrity crushes??

Harry said to his mum "Really? They were fine with it? When can they go back home? ... 3 days? ... AWESOME THANKS MUM!!" and he hung up.

"Your mum said that since you guys are on break and they know how much this means to you guys you can stay with us for 3 more nights!! This is going to be great!!!" Harry said as he hugged me and when he did, I felt all the wind knock out of me. I couldn't believe that THE HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION WAS HUGGING ME. And Niall gave Autumn a hug with just as much of a force.

"Well if you guys want you can go back to your room and freshen up and then come back here to watch another movie with us? Maybe we can watch a scary movie, like Chernobyl Diaries?" Niall suggested to us.

"Yeah!!! Give us like... 15 minutes?" Autumn asked.

"Sure, take your time, we'll be awake!" Niall said to her.

We hurried out of the room and as soon as we closed the door, we began freaking out.


We ran into our room and took 3 minute showers. We threw on the clothes the boys gave us and detangled our medium length curls. We ran back to their room and when we walked in we saw them opening a fresh box of pizza, with Niall obviously grabbing the first slice. 

"Welcome back! We just ordered a new box of pizza for you guys from room service; take as much as you'd like, or just take whatever Niall hasn't eaten!! " Harry said to us. Niall rolled his eyes to Harry as he took a HUGE bite of his slice. Niall then ordered the movie and as it began, Autumn and I sat on the floor. Niall sat on his bed and Harry sat on his.

"Don't you want to sit on here instead of the hard floor?" Harry asked me as he patted the space next to him. I gave in to his smile and got up and sat next to him. 

Niall asked Autumn, "You can sit here with me if you like, over here is better anyway, the floor doesn't have pizza right??"

With a giggle, Autumn jumped  next to him.  It was already getting to be 1 am, and the movie was getting REALLY scary. I had to close my eyes at one point and then Harry held me close to him, sensing my fear. I peeked over to Autumn and she was sleeping on Niall's shoulder as he stroked her hair and watched the movie. I started dozing off during the middle of the movie, and I began getting more comfortable in Harry's arms. I felt him lie down and I moved down with him. I don't remember what happened after I lied down with Harry, but I know that that night I slept better than I ever had.


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