1. chapter one


 Woohoo,” Exclaimed Lee with a smile. He was just about to go on a lovely cruise ship and on holiday! He was packing his clothes; toothbrush and pajamas when a loud voice shouted “get down stairs now!” yelled his dad. “Were going to be late!”


They got in the car and set off for the harbor  When they arrived they got out off the car and gasped. It was the biggest ship ever! They were all so excited to get on that they leaped onto the steps and climbed on the ship. Once they got on the ship they went up into the warm open air. “This is the life” Sighed dad.


A few hours later they had some dinner. It was delicious! Once they were full they went to bed. They woke to the sound off birds chirping. At that moment herd a clanking sound. What was going on! The ship started rattling and clanking about! Everyone was screaming . THE SHIP WAS SINKING!!!

What could they do? There is nothing they can do! They started to panic. Uh no Lee has tripped. He full over board. Then blank...Next thing he knows he is on dry land, freezing cold what was he going to do. Then he shouted “help I'm ship wrecked”


Once he woke up it took him a minute to remember where he was.Then he remembered  He looked around and gaped,it was the most amazing sight he has ever saw! there was tropical birds and amazing trees. Then the good feeling went. He had no idea were he was or how he`s going to get of but the in portent  thing is...He stays alive!



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