This is a collection of poetry that I, Mist the Elf, has made during random school hours. Please enjoy!


1. Lunchroom

I cannot stand,

Sitting here,

In the Lunchroom.


How I hate,

Being here,

In the Lunchroom.


How I wish,

And hope and dream,

In the Lunchroom.


I think about Radio Hour,

And everything else too,

In the Lunchroom.


I swear if I get out,

I will scream,

Out of the Lunchroom.


I study,

The rare Ella,

In the Lunchroom.


I think outside,

I cry,

In the Lunchroom.




In the Lunchroom.


I look at my book,

I laugh,

In the Luchroom.


I find hope,

And dream,

In the Lunchroom.


I burst through the doors,

The elements at my side,

From the Lunchroom.


I am tackled,

But I escape,

Away from the Lunchroom.


A firey smile arises,

From the doors hear screams,

The devilish Lunchroom.


I zip by,

Grasping my teachers and friends,

G'bye Lunchroom.


When we get out,

We all cheer,

G'bye Lunchroom.

G'bye Hell.


  I wrote this story when I couldn't go into the Library. I was stuck in the lunchroom.


Screw my teachers.

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