I forgive you

This is one of the deepest poems that i have written. It means so much to me!


1. I forgive you...

You never really loved me,

right from the start.

I tried to make you understand,

I poured out my heart.


You took all i told you,

and turned it into a game.

I stood back and wondered,

if i could treat you the same.


The lies you told about me,

they really hurt me so.

The depth of the wound you left,

you will never know.


I try to go on with my life,

as the memories cut like a knife.


My sister i looked up to,

how could you do me wrong.

My soul, my strength, my idol.

my lyrics to my song.


All along you hated me,

why was i so blind to see.

I'm glad i can forgive you,

truly from my heart.

The love of god within me,

will keep me from falling apart...





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