When life gives you lemons, what better to do than make lemonade?


1. Crumbling

He gave me some dough

To rebuild my life

Enhance what was already true to myself


He gave me some lemons

To squeeze and to grate

Add sharpness and bittersweet tension to our love


He gave me some pastry

To flake and fall to pieces

Make a pale concealment over my incontent gaze


He gave me some sugar

To sweeten up the mixture

Coat and cover what i knew, a void of tangy cane


He gave me some bananas

To peel and to mash

Uncover the truth, lay bare the betrayal


He gave me some tears

I did not know what to do

For I couldn't make a cookie, nor lemonade, nor pies

Neither icing nor bannana bread

I could not cover up what i felt by cooking up a storm

I stripped bare my emotions, only to be battered down with a waterfall.


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