I love you for you - One Direction Fanfition

I hate it. Life. Me. Everything. Why am I here? No one even cares about me.

Bri is a 17 year old girl she hates her life, everything about it. She is bullied, and her Dad is always away working so she has to stay with her Alcoholic Auntie for almost the hole year, 24/7.

But suddenly her life starts to get better, slowly...


2. Could This really be it?

I ran to the park Nathan was sitting on the swing alone. His long brown hair and blue eyes sparkled in the moon light...

"Hi babe." He sweetly smiled as he spoke straight into me.

"Hey..." I whispered as he sat there silently

"I've been meaning to tell you something for a long time..." He said as he looked down at the floor.

omg, omg, omg he like me! This can't be right! Could this really be it? I though to my self.

"That your a fat pig! haha! No one likes you, go kill yourself! haha!" He shouted at me as all my x-friends and class mates appeared from behind the bushes and trees.

I just ran, as fast as I could, tears in my eyes.  

I slammed the door and as soon as I wiped the tears from my green eyes, 

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Naomi whacked me round the face, "Next time remember no one likes you so don't leave to see anyone, idiot!" She snatched my bag and took out my purse, my savings. "Now you get no more of this, and no more food for today and tomorrow!"

I ran up the stairs not a word was spoken from my mouth apart from "MUM WOULD OF HATED YOU FOR THIS!"


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