I love you for you - One Direction Fanfition

I hate it. Life. Me. Everything. Why am I here? No one even cares about me.

Bri is a 17 year old girl she hates her life, everything about it. She is bullied, and her Dad is always away working so she has to stay with her Alcoholic Auntie for almost the hole year, 24/7.

But suddenly her life starts to get better, slowly...


4. Alone

I sat back into my bed, well wouldn't call it a bed...its more a mattress on the floor with a blanket and a thin as air pillow. In other words, not comfortable. There's only one other piece of furniture, my empty wardrobe. Well, not completely empty its got a few old shirts, mostly from my parents...Anyways, lets get away from that subject of parents. Lets move on to something a bit more positive,  my posters. These posters are only pieces of paper but they mean alot to me. They were Lucy's...

"Its pretty late now, I should sleep..." I thought to myself but as I just put my head to my pillow, wiped away the tears. *BANG BANG BANG* I sat up as fast as ever, I peaked through the door. It was the police. 

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