I love you for you - One Direction Fanfition

I hate it. Life. Me. Everything. Why am I here? No one even cares about me.

Bri is a 17 year old girl she hates her life, everything about it. She is bullied, and her Dad is always away working so she has to stay with her Alcoholic Auntie for almost the hole year, 24/7.

But suddenly her life starts to get better, slowly...


3. 0800 111

I sent a text to my Dad: I hate her she hates me just save me please.x

To be honest I hated my Dad for leaving me with this rat. 

"AHHHH!" I screamed as I smashed a glass on the wall.

"SHUT UP YOU IDIOT, I'LL TAKE IT FURTHER IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!" I heard a wine glass smash...

I couldn't do this any more, I dialled 0800 111, child line. 

"Hello?" Said the lady,

"Hi! get away from my auntie Naomi now!" I said down holding in the tears

"Whats the problem?" She questioned 

"She abuses me after my wasn't here and my dad doesn't care anymore. Im bullied, she slaps me, hits me, kicks me. I self harm and thinking of suicide."

"What's your address? We will get someone there soon." 

I said my address and hung up, I was so worried. What if she finds out before they come. I picked up the knife and cut.

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