I love you for you - One Direction Fanfition

I hate it. Life. Me. Everything. Why am I here? No one even cares about me.

Bri is a 17 year old girl she hates her life, everything about it. She is bullied, and her Dad is always away working so she has to stay with her Alcoholic Auntie for almost the hole year, 24/7.

But suddenly her life starts to get better, slowly...


1. that text...


I looked up at the ceiling, is this really what I wanted to do? The answer was no, but I carried on. Naomi wont be back for another 20 minutes, hopefully.    The blood dripped down my arm, tears down my face. Why me? Why did you have to pick me? One mistake changes alot y'know, everything. Every little thing. It was so much better before. When Eloise was here too.    *BING!* I'm going to the park down the wreck, wanna come to babe?;) xxx love Nathan x   Nathan was my biggest crush, ever. Well until now, he's mean to me with his friends around but I think he'll be by himself. Maybe he's the boy I think of him as...My face lit up like a Christmas tree as I read the text, how did he get my number anyway?   I opened my wardrobe, there wasn't much there. The best I could find was a frayed white cardigan, grey skinny jeans (from the charity shop) and my pink vest.   I sent him a text back: Sure i'll be there soon;) xx Lots of love Bri <3    I ran to the park, so excited!!
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