Nobody Compares To You!

Shahira..the girl who got raped and is with a son now. Elisabet..the girl who helps Shahira taking care of her son. Kleodora..the girl who works at a normal grocery store. who will these girls date?? Wi;; the boys meet their long lost best friends?? JUST READ THE FANFIC TO FIND OUT!


3. Summer House


                                                         CHAPTER 3

     Niall’s P.O.V
~Like I said before,should I bring  Kleodora over to the summer house??. I though of it for awhile while driving,I should text Zayn maybe he would know.

Wassup lad, you know the girl I met the other day?? Kleo…should I bring her over to the summer house?? Or do ya think its too fast?? I just wana introduce her to all the the lads

Hye Niall, I talked to all the lads about it. They said it would be fine,its not like your gona do ‘Anything’..aha ;)

Hahahah,okay. And im not planning to lad! Clean up the house mate! We would be over soon if she agrees

So the lads said it would okay..time to ask her..

Kleodora P.O.V
~When me and Niall got out Nandos there were many fans around! ALL SCREAMING! Gosh my ears!  “ARE YOU NIALL’S GIRL?!!”,I heard some girl shouted. I just smiled and said no
. “NIALL I LOVE YOU!!”,I smiled to myself when I heard that. Niall grabed my hand and pulled me into the car. The ride home was silent. “Hye Kleo??”,I got a little startled. “Sorry babe. But I was wondering..if you like to come over to my…I mean the summer house?? You can meet the lads”,Niall said smiling. Meet the boys?! HECK YEA!! Ok calm down Kleo!! “um…yea sure!”, I said while smiling back to him. After like 15 minutes we went over there. “Louis might get a little hyper kay babe??”,Niall said while laughing a little. “Yea..i think all directioners know that!”,I said while staring into his blue eyes. I soon came back to reality…sigh..So we got off the car and went over to the door. Before Niall could open the door,Louis came and opened the door and hugged me. His one nice kid. “HYE KLEO!! Long time no see!!”,he said while smiling. “um..yea..long time..”,I said feeling a little shy. Then zayn came over,his blonde highlights and brown eyes are to die for! “Hye!! You must be Kleo! Niall talks about you all the time!!”,he said while sticking out his hand for a shake. Me and Niall turned bright red. WAIT!! Did zayn say NIALL TALKS ABOUT ME ALL THE TIME?! Does it mean he likes me?? I got distracted by some waving their hand infront of me. “Owh! Hye sorry didn’t see you there Liam”,I said trying to act normal. “Hye Kleo! Liam at your service!”,he said smiling. “The prince charming! Bt im the prince hottie!”, Harry said while jumping over the sofa and winking at me. “Not gona work on me Styles!”, I said not being shy anymore. These guys seem really nice and fun. “Look who came out of their shell”,Zayn said smiling. “That was fast”,Liam said while moving away from the door. “Let the girl come in!!”,Harry said while smiling. GOSH HIS DIMPLES! I was about to walk in when Louis stop me and said “WAAAAIIITTT!! DO LIKE CARROTS?! DO YOU?!”,he said looking really serious and funny at the same time. “yes Louis I do!!”,I said while laughing. He moved away and walked in. My mouthed dropped! “THIS HOUSE IS HUGE!!!!!”,I said feeling over excited. “It is 1D babe..”,Niall said while putting his hand over my shoulder.It feels so right.But sadly,there are many pretty girls out there,so why would he want me?! “C’mon lets tour the house!!”,Zayn said grabbing my hand. We had a small tour around the house and boy it was huge!!

Harry’s P.O.V
~When Kleo was at the door,I was watching tv. I didn’t bother much to get up cause anyway she would come inside. But Mr.Louis here ran to the door. Cute fella..anyway..I heard her voice. She sounded cute. So I quickly jumped over the sofa and said “The prince charming! Bt im the   prince hottie”, (sorry if it doesn’t make sense :/) . She said“Not gona work on me Styles!”. WOAH! Nice move Kleo! I walked over to the door. Niall gave me a stared at me.I just smiled as I watched Kleo walk through the door. I pushed zayn a little to tell him to take her away for awhile. Zayn brought her upstairs and me and Niall had a talk. “Look lad,I know how much you like her,im not taking know  im the normal flirt!”,I said to Niall calmly. “Its true lad,we all know harry here is the flirt!”,Liam said smling at both of us. “Hmmm..sorry mate,I just always get all the I want her to me!”,Niall said blushing a little. “Its ok Niall.”,I said while hugging him.

                 END OF CHAPTER 3!!
A/N: hye guys! I hope you like my fanfic…PLS DO COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT SOO FAR!

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