Nobody Compares To You!

Shahira..the girl who got raped and is with a son now. Elisabet..the girl who helps Shahira taking care of her son. Kleodora..the girl who works at a normal grocery store. who will these girls date?? Wi;; the boys meet their long lost best friends?? JUST READ THE FANFIC TO FIND OUT!


7. Starbucks

Nobody Compares To You.

Chapter 7

Elisabet's P.O.V

~ I ran into my room while Shahira was chasing me and Harry. That was actually fun!I was seriously out of breath. I stayed in the room for some time. Suddenly there was no noise. I opened the door a little and saw the two love birds kissing. I didn't wana spoil it so I closed the door and stayed in there again. Then after awhile I heard some footsteps. I got out of the room and saw Harry and Shahira holding hands. As soon as they saw me they pulled away. "Shahira got the kiss eh?",I asked smirking.Shahira blushed a little. "Well I want to go over to starbucks. You want something??",I asked both of them. "No thanks!",Harry said smiling. "You Shahira?" "Nope". Looks like these two are gona get some time alone. I went down and got my purse. I saw Asher sitting over in the hall playing with his toys. I kissed him on the forehead and left. I went over to Starbucks and saw a group of girl in a corner. They all seemed excited. I didn't bother them and went over to the counter to get my drink. They gave me my drink. I turned around and a guy bumped into me whice made me pour my drink on his shirt. "Oh my god!! Im so sorry!! Im very very very sorry!!",I said while using a tissue to wipe of the drink from his shirt. "Its ok..Im the one who bumped into you! Its ok love!",he said while smiling at me.Wait I think I know him. He looks very familiar! "Do I know you??",I asked a little curious. "Maybe this will help",he said smiling while singing. "I know you never loved to crinkles by your eyes,when you smile,you never loved,your stomach or your thighs,the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine,but I'll love them endlessly". WAIT A MINUTE..THIS IS LIAM JAMES PAYNE! HOW CAN I NOT KNOW?! "OMG! Your Liam Payne!! haha..sorry I didn't know it was you at first",how could I be so stupid?! "Haha..its ok love..Let me get you another drink",he said while smiling..god that smile <3

Liam's P.O.V
~I bumped into this lovely girl.She poured her drink on my shirt.She started saying sorry.Then she knew I was Liam Payne. And now,Im getting her a drink? Looks im having a new freind today! "Hye what about after we getting this drink? We can go to the park?",I asked her hoping she will say yes. "Yea..sure!",she said taking out her money to pay for the drink. "Hye! I said I'll GET you another drink..which means I pay!",I said stopping her from paying. "No! Its ok Liam..I don't want you to waste your money!",she said trying to pay the money."Waste my money?? Girl..Im in the biggest boy band on earth!",I said quickly taking out my money. " Liam! Its ok!",she said still trying to pay. "Look! Its your friend!!",I said hoping she will buy it. She turned around and I quickly payed for the drink. Hahaha..she actually bought it!She turned around and saw that I already payed for her drink.I started bursting out laughing. "Oh shut up Mr.Payne!!",she said smiling. "Oh c'mon! I bet even you find it funny!",I said still laughing. "Its not ok!",she said trying to be serious. I can see it in her face that she wants to laugh. "Oh..its not?!",I said tickling her. She started laughing. "STOP IT LIAM!STOP IT!!",she started shouting.I could see everybody looking at us. I stopped and said "Its not funny right??". "Haha..maybe it is!",she said smiling. "C'mon..lets go to the park!",I grabbed her hand and walked out of the shop. Just as I got out of the shop,the paparazzi was everywhere.I grabbed her hand thighter and ran into my car.I could hear the pap asking if she was my girl.MY GIRL?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME! I quickly got into the car and drove away. "Sorry about that..You know..pap will always be like that",I said smiling at her. "Its ok...",she drinking her drink. "Whats your name anyway??".."Owh..mine is Elisabet",Elisabet...what a nice name. "Owh ok!". The car ride to the park was kind of silent. Soon we were at the park.We sat on a bench and we talk for awhile.

Louis's P.O.V
~Harry went out somewhere. Liam also went out. Niall and Zayn are playing games. Im so bored! I went up to my room to take a shower.I took a nice and relaxing shower. I came out and saw a missed call on my phone.It was an unknown number..I called that number. It was ringing..but nobody was answering. I called again and this time a girl answered. "Hello??",I said. " this Louis??",her sounds familiar...."Umm..yes..who is this??", "Hi louis!!! You forgot me?? Its Chole!!",Chole??....I think I know her...WAIT...its Chole!! I knew since i was little! She was always been like my little sister. "CHOLE!!!! ITS YOU! OMG ITS BEEN AGES SINCE I SAW YOU! WHY DONT YOU COME OVER?!",I got really excited. "SURE! JUST TELL ME YOUR ADDRESS!",she got really excited too! I told her my address and put down the phone. I went down and got a soda. "Hye! Zayn! Niall! a friend of mine is coming over!",I shouted over to them. "ok!",they both shouted back to me.

Zayn's P.O.V
~Lou said someone was coming over.Looks like Im not gona be playing games with Niall the whole day.I went up to my room to get a shower. I saw I had a message on my phone. It was from Kleodora.

Hye Zayn..should i ask Niall if he likes me?? :/

Hye Kleo! Sorry late reply..was playing games with your hubby :P Just ask him ok?? Im gona bathe now :)xx

~That girl really like Niall...They should really get together.I pushed the thoughts away and went into the shower.I came out put on my clothes ans checked my phone. A new text. From Kleo also.

Ask him?? Im not sure Zayn..What if it ruins our freindship? have a great shower ok?! ;)

YES KLOE ASK HIM!! hahah it wont! if it will tell me why did he kiss you yesterday? and i had a great shower! aha..anyway Lou's friend is coming over..gtg now :)xx

~Kleo is very scared of asking Niall. I don't get why..Niall wouldn't break anybody's heart. His such an angle....I walked down and saw Lou watching some tv and Niall eating some chips. Normal Niall..I went and joined Louis and watched some tv with him. "So who is this friend of yours??",I asked Louis. "Huh? Owh she is my best friend since kindergarden..I havent seen her since Xfactor..So she is coming over..",a friend.Suddenly there was a knock on the door.Lou jumped over the couch and opended the door. "CHOLE!!!!!!!",he shouted while hugging her. He hugged her for a very very very long time. "HI LOU!",she shouted at the same time. She seems like a nice girl. Soon they stopped hugging. Then she saw me and Niall. "Hi...",I said smiling.She smiled back to me. No hi...maybe she is shy. "Hellooooo",Niall said with his mouth full. "God Niall..Liam told you many times not to talk with your mouth full!",I said to Niall. Chole laughed a little. "C'mon in Chole",Louis invited her inside. She came in and sat on the couch. We talked abit and had dinner. We got to know her very well and damn she is nice. Soon she had to leave. She was really nice.

Harry's P.O.V
~After Elisabet left me and Shahira went down. We saw Asher playing with his toys. He was really cute..I picked him up and spun him around. "Hello there Asher!",he was giggling and having fun. I put him down and on some tv for him to watch. I went over Shahira "You make him so happy",she said while looking at watching tv. " know..we have Lux at home",I said smiling. "So you wana help me make lunch??",she asked me walking towards her kitchen. "Sure...",I said while walking behind her. "Dont even think about having a food fight Mr Styles!",she said seriously. "I was thinking of..but fine...",I said making a sad face. Like she said we had a decent way of making lunch. She took some food and started feeding Ash. "Can I feed him?",I asked. "Sure..",she said giving me his food. "You do it so easily!",she said. "Hahah..well everybody loves me!",I said joking around. After feeding Asher,we had our lunch. Then for the whole day we just sat and watched some tv.It was getting late. "Hye..Shahira? I need to go home now..",I said looking at her. "Owh was nice spending the day with you",she said getting up. "Do you have twitter? Maybe I can follow you?",I said taking out my phone. "Yea..its @Shahira_17". "Thanks Shahira!",I got up,picked Ash up and spun him around one more time and said bye to both of them and left. I got into my car and tweeted "What a crazy day with @Shahira_17" and drove home.

Liam's P.O.V
~I have been in the park with Elisabet for a long time. Its been a few hours. I got to know her really well and it seems her friend like one direction. I told her to bring her friend over someday. "Liam..Its getting late..I need to go home now",she said looking at her watch. "C'mon then..lets go home.",I said while getting up.We got into the car and I drove her home. I said goodbye while gettting her number.I drove home and went on twitter..I saw a tweet.. "@Eli_crazygirl : Had an relaxing day at the park with @Real_Liam_Payne..." I followed her and tweeted back "Would love to meet you again @Eli_crazygirl :)xx"

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