Nobody Compares To You!

Shahira..the girl who got raped and is with a son now. Elisabet..the girl who helps Shahira taking care of her son. Kleodora..the girl who works at a normal grocery store. who will these girls date?? Wi;; the boys meet their long lost best friends?? JUST READ THE FANFIC TO FIND OUT!




                                                  CHAPTER 4

Zayn’s P.O.V
~ kleodora and Niall had arrived. I gave her a tour around the house while Niall and Harry had a talk. I took her over to the boys room and h she looked very shocked to see all their rooms clean,maybe cause she didn’t realize that Niall told us to clean up before he came. I chuckled a little and she realized it. “what??”,she asked while looking at me. She was actually beautiful..WAIT! I cant like her,I already have Perrie and Niall likes…wait..LOVES HER! ;) “nothing..”,I said smiling at her. Soon we had a tour around the whole house and sat down with the boys watching tv. “So Kleodora, what do you think about this place??”,Louis asked smiling at her. “IT’S A HUGE PLACE!! And your rooms are like..CLEAN!”,she said laughing. “haha..its One Direction babe..and not all guys have dirty rooms”,Harry said smiling at her. “Oh stop it harry! NIALL TOLD US TO CLEAN UP THE PLACE BEFORE YOU CAME!!”,Louis shouted while pointing to Niall. “Sorry Kleo??”,said Niall. Hmm that boy doesn’t wana hurt Kleodora at sweet?? “SORRY?! For what Niall?? Its okay”,said Kleo. “he just doesn’t wana hurt you Kleo!”,Liam said laughing a little. “Awhhhh…I don’t think you would Niall”,Kleo said smiling shyly. Yeap..Kleodora like Niall. Look like its up to me and the boys to make them together! We decided to watch a movie. Liam picked toy story,typical Liam. After the movie it was already 6:15, we thought of getting dinner. Liam wanted to go buy some from the nearest food store and he also wants to buy some grocery since we need it. After about 10 minutes Liam left. We all decided to take a shower.

(A/N: HYE THERE DIRECTIONERS!! Hope your liking it so far :3 know hw I used to repeat the whole thing again and say how the person finds it?? not gona do that from now on okay?? BYE! BACK TO THE STORY!)

Niall’s P.O.V
~We all decided to go take a shower while Liam went to buy dinner. I took off my shirt and entered into the shower. I came out with my pants on a shirtless :P I could see Kleodora staring at my abs. I went and put a shirt on and I asked her “You want to take a shower love??” “Its okay Niall,and I don’t have any clothes anyway..”,she said smiling with her sweet smile. “You can borrow mine Kleo!”,I said offering her my clothes. “well.. okay..” she said feeling a little shy. I gave her one of my Polo shirt and a sweatpant. She went inside,took a shower and came out with my polo shirt and sweatpants. She looked great in my shirt. We both walked down the stairs and sat down on the couch waiting for Liam,we both talked while waiting for him.

Harry’s P.O.V
~I took a shower and went into the kitchen to drink a soda. I saw niall and Kleo coming down the stairs. Kleo was wearing Niall’s polo. They both make a nice couple. I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly I saw a text from Liam

Hye bro,I bought a lot of grocery so that we wont run out of it and so that it would be enough for Niall.. can you please wait outside the house the help me bring them in??

Sure Lad! Will be waiting out!

I went out to wait for Liam. I was standing and I saw this girl skateboarding while looking at our summer house. I bet she must have been thinking that its huge. Suddenly I got a vibration on my phone. It was my friend Jane. I was about to reply her text..but suddenly I found myself on the floor. The girl skateboarding was on top of me. “OMG! IM SO SORRY!! I DIDN’T MEAN TO FALL ON YOU! IM SORR—“,I cut her off by saying “Its okay,love. Anyway isn’t it too late for you to be skateboarding??”,I asked her concerned about her safety. “umm..yea..i was just goin home”,she said looking at me right into the eyes. Then she stopped and got up. I also got up. God she was beautiful with her blue eyes. I wanted to take her out so I thought of getting her number. “ I have your number love??”,I asked being a little nervous. Wait NERVOUS?! This is harry styles! How can I be nervous?!! Maybe cause I like her. She then gave me her number and was about to skate off. “wait!”,I shouted for her to hear me. She turned around and gave me a ‘what’ look. “whats your name??”,I asked smiling with my dimples. “Shahira”,she said smiling back to me. Soon Liam’s car arrived. I helped him. I still couldn’t stop thinking of her. Im sure of one thing,im not gona hurt her.

Shahira’s P.O.V
~I just fell on HARRY FREAKING STYLES!! And he asked for my number,BUT why?? Its not he like me. I quickly skated home. I opended my door and my son ran over to me and hugged me. If your wondering how did I get a son?? On a dark night,I was walking home after having dinner in some restaurant. I was in this dark ally,a man came and raped me. (A/N: ITS NOT TRUE!! ITS JUST FOR THE STORY OK??). so I was pregnant with this boy over here. And I didn’t want to give him away for adoption,so I decided to keep him. His name Asher,but I call him Ash. His three years old and he also like One Direction. He got it all from his mum. “Have you had Dinner Ash??”,I asked him while picking him up. “Yes he did”,said my friend Elisabet. She has been the one who has been by my side since high school. She’s is a very good friend. She always takes care of Asher when I go out.

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