Nobody Compares To You!

Shahira..the girl who got raped and is with a son now. Elisabet..the girl who helps Shahira taking care of her son. Kleodora..the girl who works at a normal grocery store. who will these girls date?? Wi;; the boys meet their long lost best friends?? JUST READ THE FANFIC TO FIND OUT!


5. Does He like me??




                                          CHAPTER 5
Liam’s P.O.V
~ I saw Harry chatting with someone while I was driving home. By the time my car stopped infront of the house,the girl was already gone. “Who was that girl you were talking to bro??”,I asked Harry as he helped me with the things. “Just some girl who fell on me while skateboarding..she was amazed with the huge house.”,I could see him smiling. He totally liked her. “You like her don’t you Hazza?”,I asked while looking at him curiously. “um..maybe?”,he said kinda shy. “Bro,you like every girl you see..remember 17/7??” “I know Liam! But… this girl..i don’t want to hurt her at all..i want her to be mine… like for real..”,he seriosuly liked her. “You will get her will..”,I said as I patted his back. We both walked into the house. Niall came running over to us and asked “LIAM!! WHAT DID YOU BUY?? IM HUNGRY!!”,I could hear Kleo laughing at the hall. “Hahaah..your all time favroutie Niall..”,before I could finish the sentence. Zayn came down and shouted “NANDOS!!!” Niall grabbed the food bag and went over to the hall. He sat down and took out his food and Kleo’s food. Hahaah atleast he took it out for her. We soon gathered around the hall eating the Nandos. Soon it was already 8:38pm,Kleo said she had to go before her mum get worried. So we all said our goodbyes as she left. Hyper louis went and hugged her. I heard Zayn whisper to Niall “Be a gentlemen and send her home!”,I checkled a little when I heard that. Zayn realized I heard that and winked at me. I then cleaned up all those dishes.

Kleodora’s P.O.V
~I had to go soon before my mum got all worried. So I told them I had to go since it was getting late. They all said bye and so did I. while I was walking to the door,Louis came and hugged me and said “GONE MISS YOU!!! COME BACK SOON!!”,Louis said hugging me and also shouting. “Hahaha..i will Louis..IM GONA MISS YOU ALL TOO!! KEEP IN TOUCH KAY?!”,I said shouting back to Louis. I am gona see them again right?? I hope so! I was about to leave then Niall came and said “Want a ride back home Kleo??”,he asked. His such a gentleman! “Umm..sure yeah!”,cause honestly,I didn’t want to walk home. “Okay..let me go get my keys!”,he went over to the table got his keys while whispering something to Zayn. I wonder what was that. Hmm nevermind. I went out the door saying my last goodbyes to all of them. I went over to Niall’s car waiting for him. He opended my door for me and I enterned inside. We had s short converstation in the car. “So..had fun today??”,Niall asked still focused on the road. “HELL YEA!!”,I shouted making Niall laugh. “what do you think about the boys??”,he asked..this time he looked at me. “well Louis,he is the hyper kid..also very friendly. Harry has good his a way im falling for him. Zayn has a cool hair. His eyes are awesome! His a very nice guy also. Liam seems like a cutie. His really nice!”,I said looking back at him. He smiled back at me. Soon we were at my house. “Thanks Niall..text me sometime kay??”,I said as I was about to open the car door. “yea ofocourse..wait Kleo!”,I turned back and looked at him. He kissed me on the cheek and said “night Kleo!”. I was frozen for a moment. Then I came back to reality. I got out of the car and went into my house. Mom seemed to be sleeping. Its kinda early to be sleeping. Maybe she is tired. I went up to my room and wanted to text Nick. I took my phone out and saw a text from him.

hye Kleo..i know ur hanging with Niall and the boys today..just wanted to tell you that don’t text me gona be at some grand dinner with my family. ya Kelly (What Nick calls Kleo) x

Great now I cant even text my bestfriend! I went and lay on my bed thinking of the kiss Niall gave me. DOES HE REALLY LIKE ME?! Gosh..i looked down and realized I was still in Niall’s shirt and pants. I felt really cozy in it. I took out my phone and decided to text one of the boys. Maybe zayn??

Hi Zayn,Kleo here. Watcha doin??

Hi well just nothing..had fun today??

Yeaaappp!! Um..zayn we just met..but I trust you ok? Can I tell you something??

yea sure Kleo!

Niall kissed me on the cheek today. Do you think he likes me?? Cause I really like him.

He likes you Kleo!! He really does! Trust me I know! Aha

Awhh really?! But don’t tell anybody Zayn!! PLEASE!! Anyway my phone battery is gona die..nights love ya zayn! Xx

NIGHTS KLEO! Don’t worry I wont! ;)

I went and put my phone on charge and went to bed..Should I tell him I like him or not?? I think im gona..MAYBE??...

                                            END OF CHAPTER 5!!!

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