Nobody Compares To You!

Shahira..the girl who got raped and is with a son now. Elisabet..the girl who helps Shahira taking care of her son. Kleodora..the girl who works at a normal grocery store. who will these girls date?? Wi;; the boys meet their long lost best friends?? JUST READ THE FANFIC TO FIND OUT!


2. Day Out With Niall


Nobody Compares TO YOu!

            CHAPTER 2
Kleodora P.O.V
~  Today is a Saturday,im not working today. So I thought of just relaxing at home. I woke up and brushed my teeth and changed into some normal house clothes. I went down and saw a note from mum.. ‘hye hun,I went out to get some food..we’re out of vegetables  and everything. Bye xoxo’. So mum is out also,looks like im making my own breakfast today. I ate some cereal and went to watch some tv. I heard a knock on my door,maybe its mum. I opened and found Nick standing there. “NICK!”,I shouted as I hugged him. “hye kleo”,he said while hugging me back. He was over at my place for an hour and soon mum was back too. Then Nick had to go home for some reason. So I went back to watching tv. Suddenly my phone started vibrating. It was a text from Niall. I nearly screamed my lungs out.

1:10 pm.

Hye, umm kleo rite?! Yea..i was wondering if you like to go out today? For lunch maybe?  xx

1:12 PM.
owh hye Niall! Sure! Would love to! Tell me what time would you pick me up…if that’s ok with you! 

1:14 PM.
sure text me your address and I will be there at around 2:15?? How is it with you babe?? 

1:17 PM.

ok..2:15 it is then! See you later Niall! Xx

SO!! Niall Horan wants to go out with me. I went up to get dressed. So niall would be here at me bout 30 minuts to get ready?? WHO CARES! I need to move now! I quickly got ready and went down. It was 2pm,so Niall would be here soon. “Going out some where Kleo??”,mum asked while looking at me. “Yea…with Niall..”,you said to mum smiling. “NIALL?! Wow that’s great!! But..did Nick say ok??”,mum asked a little worried. “yea..”,you said smiling. Soon Niall was at my door. “MUM!! NIALL IS HERE!!”,I shouted to her since she is upstairs. “Ready to go Kleo??”,Niall asked smiling. Gosh he looked great. “Yea..”,I said trying not to get over excited.

Niall’s P.O.V
~ I texted Kleo wondering if she wanted to go out for lunch. She said yes. Gosh that was hard. Well it might get easier when I hang out with her more. I got ready and left the summer house at around 1:50. Soon I was at Kleodora’s house at around 2:13. I knocked at her door and I heard her shout to her mum, “MUM!! NIALL IS HERE!!”. Hahah cute. Soon she opened the door. “Ready to go Kleo??”,I asked trying to be calm. “yea..”,she said. I walked over to the car and she got in. “where we goin,Niall??”,she asked while looking at me with her beautiful eyes. “NANDOS!! Hahah,sorry its nothing special..”,I said to her hoping she wouldn’t mind. “owh..its ok Niall..i like Nandos!”,she said smiling. I started the car and drove to Nandos. We had a nice lunch there and went we were walking back to the car,we were surrounded by fans. “ARE YOU NIALL’S GIRL?!”, “NIALL I LOVE YOU!!”, “STAY AWAY FROM NIALL!!”, and loads more. I hope Kleo didn’t hear the girl who screamed to stay away from me. I want her to stay next to me,not away.  Well its 3:15 now,maybe I should bring her over to the summer house….

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