Nobody Compares To You!

Shahira..the girl who got raped and is with a son now. Elisabet..the girl who helps Shahira taking care of her son. Kleodora..the girl who works at a normal grocery store. who will these girls date?? Wi;; the boys meet their long lost best friends?? JUST READ THE FANFIC TO FIND OUT!






                                         CHAPTER 6

Shahira’s P.O.V
~ I woke up at around 9:30am. I went over to Asher’s crib and saw he was awake also. His sparkly green eyes looking at me. Suddenly my phone started ringing. “Hello??”,I said in a very sleepy voice. “Hye Shahira! Um…well harry here. Did I just wake you up??”,dang..Its harry! And I sound so sleepy. I made my voice more clear and said “NO….i just woke yea..”,I said hopping he wouldn’t think im lazy or anything. “Owh ok..haha..well I was wondering would like to hang out today??”. “Sure!,why not come to my place??”,cause I didn’t want to leave Asher at home. “Sure..just tell me your address.” I soon gave him my address and hang up. WAIT!! WHAT DID I DO?!!! If he comes over and sees Asher,he might think im a slut or something! GREAT! I just pushed my thoughts away and called Elisabet. “Yes Shahira??”,she asked as she came over to my room.  “Can you please help me get Asher ready..cause Harry Styles is coming over?”,I said calmly. “U MEAN HARRY EDWARD STYLES?!!!”,she screamed so loud I could have gone deaf. I forgot to tell her I met him yesterday. “Yea…I tell you everything later. Go get asher ready for me while I go get ready!”,she picked Asher up and went out

I went into the shower and changed into some shorts and a Jack Will’s shirt. I combed my hair and went out. I saw Asher downstairs eating hid breakfast. Then I got a text from Harry.

Hye Shahira. Im coming in about 15 minutes!

OK!! I got someone who would love to meet you!

I saw Elisabet watching tv. “What if he thinks im a slut??”,I asked Elisabet while jumping over to the sofa. “He wont Shahira! Trust me!”,she knew exactly why I asked that. I love her so much. She is a great friend.

Harry’s P.O.V
~She said she wanted me to meet someone. I wonder who it is. Maybe its her  boyfriend. No! she must not be taken! She has to be mine.I want her to be mine! I told liam I was going over to Shahira’s place today. He hugged me and wished me luck. I went over to her house with some flowers. I stood infront of her door feeling nervous. I shaked myself for one last time and knocked her door. Shahira opened the door. “Hi shahira!! These are for you!”,I said giving her the flowers while hugging her. “Thanks Harry! Come inside!”,she was so nice! Then I saw a small boy over at her hall. Is she married?? No way! She cant be! She doesn’t have a ring and she looks kinda young. Did she have ‘it’ (sorry im not sure if I should just use the word :33) with someone?? But she looks so innocent. She realized I was looking at her son. I think? “Owh…umm..thats my son”,she said. ITS HER SON! “ did you get him??”,I was a little upset. Cause I think she has a boyfriend. “well…when I was 16..i got raped by someman in a dark ally. I didn’t want to put that little fella for adoption so I decided to keep him.”,she said and smiled weakly. She got raped?!!? Which idiot would do that to this sweet girl!! If I find that guy!! He would be dead!! But atleast she didn’t have a guy. “owh..okay! whats his name??”,I asked as I walked over to him and picked him up. “Asher..”,she said and smiled. But this time she didn’t smile weakly. I think she feels better after knowing that I didn’t care much of her having a son. “Hye there little Asher!”,I said while playing with his hair. “MOMMY!! This is the guy from that band..ONE DIRECTION!!”,awwhhh..looks like someone likes one direction here. “He likes 1D??”,I asked as played with him. “Yeaa..he got it all from me.”,she said blushing a little. I chuckled a little and said “Who is your favourite??”,this time I looked at her. She didn’t say anything and just smile. So I asked Asher. “Who is your mummy’s fav boy??” “Umm..The curly hair one..his name is…um..hally!”,awwhh he couldn’t say the R. wait she likes me the most eh. “So,if you met Harry in person what would you want from him??”,I asked winking at her this time. She just smiled at the floor and didn’t say anything. “SHE SAID SHE ALWAYS WANTED TO GET  A KISS FROM HIM!”,a girl suddenly shouted from the hall. “ELISABET!!!!”,Shahira shouted in embarrasetment. I laughed and I went ovet to that girl. “HI! HARRY here..and you are Elisabet! Thanks for that answer!”,I said while shaking my hand with Elisabet. “Sooo..Little Shahira here..wants a kiss from Prince Harry??”,I said making jokes of her. Soon me and Elisabet started making kissing noise. Even Asher was laughing. “IM GONA GET BOTH OF YOU FOR THIS!!”,she shouted and started chassing both of us around the house. Elisabte ran into a room and locked herself in there. Now it was me and Shahira. I started running upstairs. Shahira tripped over something and fell on me. We were both just inches away from our faces. “A kiss is what you want my princess??”,I whispered to her. She she just smiled. I went closer to her face and kissed her on the lips. I felt sparks fly everywhere. I love her so much! <3


A/N: hye there! do you like my fanfic hope you do! pls comment if you want me to update!

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