Nobody Compares To You!

Shahira..the girl who got raped and is with a son now. Elisabet..the girl who helps Shahira taking care of her son. Kleodora..the girl who works at a normal grocery store. who will these girls date?? Wi;; the boys meet their long lost best friends?? JUST READ THE FANFIC TO FIND OUT!


1. Niall Horan!



Nobody Compares To You!

                                               CHAPTER 1

Kleodora P.O.V
My alram clock started ringing,looks like its gona be another day of work. Its already 7am,work starts at 8am,better get ready fast. I jumped out of bed and quickly into the shower. I came out and put on my working clothes and went down. “Hye Kleo! Breakfast hun?”,mum asked while making pancakes. I looked at my watch,7:30am,sure I can have breakfast. “Yea mum!”,you went over to the table and ate a few slice of pancakes. Soon it was already 7:45am. “Mum! I gotta go to work”,you said to your mum while walking out of your house. “Bye Kleodora!”,mum said as you left the house. You were walking down the street to the grocery store since you work there. You passed by a magazine shop,you saw a One Direction magazine. You rushed in and bought the magazine. You looked at your watch 5 more minutes left for work. You quickly walked over to the grocery store. “ ALTAST YOU’RE HERE! My shift is over!”,shouted Andy as he saw you walking towards the door. You laughed a little and said “Yeap,you can go home now Andy.” He hugged you and he left. 10 minuted has gone by,but no customers in yet. So you decided to read your 1D magazine. You started fangirling as you saw all those hot pictures of 1D. Suddenly a customer walking in,you didn’t bother to look up. You countinued to read your magazine. “Excuse me beautiful?”,you heard an Irish accent. You looked up and you saw Niall nad Louis infront of you. You were speechless to see two perfect guys infront of you.Two guys from your favrouite boy band is right infront of you! “Like One Direction babe?”,asked Louis with is british accent. “ them”, I couldn’t even say a few words without struggling. GREAT KLEODORA YOU JUST RUINED YOUR FIRST MOVE!,you thought to yourself. “excuse me??um..hello??”,Niall said waving infront of you. GREAT NOW THEY MIGHT THINK IM A WEIRDO!. “No your not!”,Louis said while laughing. “Thoughts too loud?”,I asked while blushing. “So,babe how much is this?”,Niall asked while showing me his rebull. “um..thats 3.50.”,you said while taking the money Niall gave you. “Um..I was..wondering..well..if you would go out for a cup of tea sometime??”,Niall asked while looking at me with his blue eyes. “Yea..sure why not?”, I said while giving him my number. “Great,so I will text you.”,Niall said. “Yea,bye Niall,bye Louis.”, I said as they left. They both waved back and went out of my sight.

Niall’s P.O.V

“LOUIS!! Follow me go get a redbull from the grocery store!”,I shouted to Louis who was playing video games. “We bought some yesterday Niall!!”,he shouted back to me. “ Its true we did get some yesterday,looks like someone was thirsty! “I finish those yesterday Louis!!”,I said. “Fine! Lets go!”,Louis said while getting up. When we reached there we saw a lady there,but she didn’t bother to look up,looks like she was busy. I went and got my redbull and came back. Looks like she didn’t realize we were there. “Excuse me beautiful?”,.Then I saw her reading a One Direction magazine. She looked at us and looked very very surprised! Guess she likes us. “Like One Direction babe?”,looks like Louis also realized. Man she was beautiful! “ them”,she said struggling through her words. Nervous I guess. She was really beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I wanted to get to know her more. So I had an idea to exchange numbers. I payed her and left the shop. “Somebody is inlove!”,Louis said while smiling at me. “NO I DON’T!!”,I said turning bright red. “Your secerts save with me Nialler!”,Louis said while playing with my hair. Gosh I cant wait to meet her again! <3

Kleodora P.O.V
. Looks like its already 12am. My shift is over. I walked home still thinking of what just happen. I walked into my house and saw my mum was asleep. So, I walked up to my room and took a quick shower. I changed into my pajamas and landed on my bed. I took my phone out and called Nick,my bestfriend since high school.

-phone converstation-
Nick- hye Kleo.
Me- Nick!! You wont believe it! I just meet Niall!
Nick-Niall?  You mean the Niall Horan from 1D?
Me- YES!
Nick- OMG! Kleo!! That’s great!!
Me- he asked me for my number. He wants to hang out with me!
Nick- FOR YOU!
Me- Nick, I know you said im off limits..
Nick- Kleo,I just don’t want anybody to hurt you. You’re my bestfriend and I wont let that happen!
Me- I know Nick. But its niall, you know I love him and I know he wouldn’t do that to me.
Nick- can be with friends and MORE than friends..but your still off limits from other guys Kleo!
Me- THANK YOU SO MUCH NICK! LOVE YOU! Anyway,I gotta go to bed now its getting late. Talk tomorrow kay nick?!
Nick- kay! Bye Kleo!

I soon went to bed thinking of Niall..
                  -EnD Of  ChApTeR 1!-
(hope you liked it)

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