Unbreakable connections

This story is a fantsy novel I have written. It is about a girl who goes to another world and finds herself posed with danger and obstacles. She doesn't remeber her real family and the clock is ticking before it is too late to change what has been done.


3. Worry

Chapter 3

            Putting on her helmet, Emily mounted her bike and kicked off from the curb. She had taken to riding her bike around the neighbourhood over the past few days to try and distract herself from the unpleasant truth which had fallen upon her. She enjoyed the breeze ruffling her hair, the wind in her face and simply the feeling of freedom.            

            Parking the bike round the back, she went inside to see what her parents were doing. Deep in thought, they were reading papers from the hospital, which gave a report on her father's condition. Emily decided against going into the living room and she flopped down on her bed and indulged herself in her book. The sound of thunder booming outside woke her and she sat upright and looked around, confused. She looked down onto her lap and saw her book lying open on page 389 and was surprised, as she didn’t recall reading for so long. She pulled on her slippers and went downstairs, listening to the pounding of the rain on the windows and the hissing of the heaters in the hallway.

Entering the living room, she found the sofa empty and she listened for any sign of human movement. All was deadly quiet and she started to panic.    

   “Mum? Dad?” she called at the top of her voice. There was no reply and she ran into the kitchen to find her phone when she saw a note lying table. Grabbing it, she read it quickly and breathed a sigh of relief for they had only gone out shopping. Everything seemed to give her the creeps these days, ever since the accident.

            Unpacking the shopping, Emily remained quiet about her incident in the house earlier and simply commented on the type of crisps that they had bought. She asked if she could take them to school the next morning and then stopped herself in mid-sentence. School. What was she going to do tomorrow when she had to be confined inside the walls of the classroom with nothing to dwell on but the accident? She sighed and simply decided that it wasn't that bad, after all she would see all of her friends again and the thought made her smile.


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