Unbreakable connections

This story is a fantsy novel I have written. It is about a girl who goes to another world and finds herself posed with danger and obstacles. She doesn't remeber her real family and the clock is ticking before it is too late to change what has been done.


2. Recovery

 Chapter 2

            She knocked on the door and heard yelling in the house.

“Mummy!” Millie yelled. Footsteps sounded loudly as they came hurtling down the stairs. The door swung open and she was tackled into a bear hug by her two daughters.

“Where were you?” Emily asked.

“Mummy home, Mummy home!” Millie chanted happily.

“Let's eat first and I am sure mum will explain.”Mark said, coming to the door. She smiled at him and walked into his arms. Her worries left her for the time being as Millie held onto her leg and started singing Ba Ba Black sheep at the top of her voice.

“We have gushy beans” Millie announced.

“They're gummy bears Millie ,not gushy beans” Emily said.

“Gummy beans, Gummy beans” yelled Millie. Clara laughed as Millie ran into the kitchen.

             Now that Clara was home, Millie had forgotten that her mum had ever been gone and she was rolling around on the carpet singing Intsy Winsy Spider! Emily however was 11 years old and was old enough to understand what had happened and she had not forgotten and sat silently on the rug with Millie.

“Bedtime Millie” Mark called from upstairs. 

“No bedtime. I big girl; I stay up like Emilee.” Millie protested.

“The fuzzy monster is going to eat you if you don't go to bed.” Emily said, coming towards Millie.

“No!” screamed Millie and she ran up the stairs to find her dad. As Millie went to bed, Clara explained what had happened.

            Emily felt the warmth of the sun on her face and she sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily. Glancing over at her bedside table she jumped up suddenly and ran to her cupboard, yanked off her pyjamas and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Grabbing her bag from behind her door, she hurtled down the stairs and burst into the kitchen.

            “Why didn't you wake me up?” Emily asked angrily. “I am an hour late for school.” She said, breathing heavily.

“You aren't going to school today” Her mum said gently, pushing a strand of her own blond hair behind her ear.

“Why?” Emily asked curiously.

“We thought we'd give you time to get over what happened to granddad” Her dad said.

“You are going to have the week off school; to give you a little more time to take in what has happened.” her mum said.

“Oh, Okay.” Emily said placing her bag on the floor.

“Thanks for doing that for me.” She added and her parents smiled back at her as she stood there feeling tired and grateful.

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