Unbreakable connections

This story is a fantsy novel I have written. It is about a girl who goes to another world and finds herself posed with danger and obstacles. She doesn't remeber her real family and the clock is ticking before it is too late to change what has been done.


6. Lost

Chapter 6

            She felt the current drag her under, water filling her nose and eyes.  Flailing her arms and legs madly, she tried desperately to kick back to the surface. She ceased her struggling suddenly as the current stopped fighting her and she felt herself drop onto a hard surface as if she had suddenly been dropped from space back into the atmosphere of the earth. It was a strange feeling and it was as if the water around her had suddenly disappeared. She realized she had been holding her breath from jumping into the water and she found she was running out of breath; taking her chances in this weird situation, she cautiously opened her mouth slightly and found air rushing into her mouth. She was able to breathe and it awed her, scared her almost. Her eyes scanned her surroundings only to find that it was too dark to be able to see anything. Despite her lack of sight, she could hear water rushing by her yet she also felt a slight breeze in her face. She absent-mindedly touched her t-shirt and gasped for it was dry as was her hair and other clothes. Awed by the situation she groped out with her hands until she found the walls which surrounded her on both sides and surprisingly these were also dry yet as she pressed her ear to it she heard the rushing of water as loudly as if she were sitting on the edge of a waterfall. It was as if she was in some kind of tunnel under the water and she grabbed onto the side and walked on a little furthers. There was light coming from an opening up ahead and it revealed her mysterious surroundings. She was in some sort of tunnel which was very narrow and sloped upwards towards the mysterious light source which seemed blurred and distorted. Emily headed for the opening, hoping it would be a way out of this strange place.

            Looking around, she was very confused for she had emerged from the tunnel to find herself knee-deep in water and even more surprisingly, the legs of her trousers were soaked through. She was in the river in the woods but as she looked around, the men were nowhere to be seen and the trees were different somehow. Deciding that she must have simply drifted downstream slightly, she hoisted herself up onto the bank and started walking back down the path quickly, for her dad should be arriving home soon with Millie. As she turned the corner which led onto her road, she stopped and stared for there was nothing but more dense trees and twisting roots ahead of her. After retracing her steps and walking for what much have been close to an hour, she came to the conclusion that she was lost but this troubled her for the woods simply were not that large. She should have reached some a road or a main path by now. She thought back to the conversation which she and her friends had had on the bus and wondered whether it was actually possible that another world could co-exist within their own and if that weird tunnel had been some kind of portal. She pushed the idea from her head for the thought of being stuck in another world never being able to return to her family was mortifying.

            She lost track of how long she had walked, cried or yelled out for help as she blundered through the forest in oblivion. She could barely stay on her feet and she was terribly thirsty but she had lost all sense of direction and hope. Was it days or weeks she had been stuck in there; she didn't know but she had started hallucinating, her vision kept going black and she would have to grab nearby trees to remain standing. Going mad, Emily groped out in front of her for a tree which wasn't there as her vision failed her yet again. This time, she hadn't the energy or strength to pull herself up and carry on so she lay there, her face pressed to the damp floor, her mouth and hair covered in mud.

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