Unbreakable connections

This story is a fantsy novel I have written. It is about a girl who goes to another world and finds herself posed with danger and obstacles. She doesn't remeber her real family and the clock is ticking before it is too late to change what has been done.


4. Friends like no other


Chapter 4

            Her footsteps pounded in her ears and she could feel her stomach churning as she made her way down the street. If Millie hadn't been chatting away and asking loads of questions about a very long, complex dream about the Easter bunny, Emily would have found it very hard not to zone out completely and simply think about her granddad. As she and her mum dropped Millie off at school however, her thoughts strayed again to the accident however hard she tried to push them from her mind. Her mum cast her a worried glance and asked if she would be okay at school today.

“Yeah I'm fine.” Emily muttered.

“You can stay off school as long as you want. You know that.” Clara said.

“Yeah I know but I already missed a whole week and besides I want to see my friends.”Emily replied. Luckily they were at the school gate so Emily didn't have to say any more about how she felt.      “Bye mum.” She said, hugging her goodbye.

“You're on the bus today.” Her mum reminded her.

“Oh yeah” Emily said, her spirits lifting for she always had a great time on the bus with her friends. Her mum then turned to walk away, her long cotton blouse flowing behind her in the wind. Emily had to smile at this for there wasn’t a day she could remember when her mum hadn’t worn her long blouses with colourful patterns. She also smiled at her mum’s leggings for that was the same story. She never wore anything else and once Emily remembered suggesting to her mum that she should buy a dress and her mum had dismissed the idea as easily as if it were a mere irritation. Emily had been sure never to mention the idea again. Her mum turned back to face her.

“See you later.” Her mum called.

“Alligator.” Emily muttered and she smiled for Millie always retorted back saying she wasn't an alligator.

            She sat on the bench by the side of the playground and watched everyone playing for she didn't feel like joining in today. She wondered what it would be like if she went to visit her granddad and he didn't know who she was. The thought was very scary and lonely for Emily and it was one of her worst fears come true. Luckily, her best friend caught sight of her and ran over, distracting Emily from her depressing thoughts. They did their secret handshake and laughed together like only best friends could and for the time being her miserable thoughts were lost in happiness.

            “Where were you last week?” Hannah asked. Deciding against hiding anything from her friend, she told her what had happened. Hannah stayed quiet while Emily recounted the accident and her eyes were wet by the end of it. “I'm really sorry” said Hannah. “I hope they find a way to make him better.”

            “Me too” Emily said although she knew that this was almost impossible. “I'd appreciate if you didn't tell anyone though. Not yet anyway” Emily said.

            “Yeah of course” Hannah said. “Are you going to tell your lover boy?” Hannah added sarcastically.

            “Maybe.” Emily muttered and they then burst out laughing.  Emily was really good friends with a boy called Antoine and she often told him almost everything so Hannah had fun teasing her about it. The bell rang interrupting their conversation so they headed off to the classroom.

             The rest of the day passed quickly as it usually did when she was with Hannah and it was soon time to go home. On the bus they occupied their usual seats at the back of the bus and saved one for Antoine. Hannah nudged Emily in ribs and before she could ask why her friend had just elbowed her, Hannah said something in a hushed whisper. “Here comes your true love.” Hannah said a little more loudly in case Emily had not heard.

“I heard you the first time” said Emily trying to contain her laughter.

“Ha Ha!” said Hannah triumphantly.

“What?” Demanded Emily. “Why are you grinning like that?”

“Because you didn't argue with me.” Hannah said still grinning broadly.

“Argue with what?” Emily asked suspiciously.

“That Antoine is your true love.” Hannah replied, now lost in her train of thought. “I used the term lover boy this morning as well as true love and you didn't say he wasn't so you do like him.” Hannah finished happily.

“No Hannah, he is just a good friend,you should know that.” Emily replied, bored of this everlasting argument between she and Hannah.

“Hmm... A very good friend.” Hannah muttered still not convinced. Their conversation was cut off as Antoine came and sat down in the empty seat.

             “Where were you last week.” He asked and Hannah gave Emily a quick glance and turned away.

“I wasn't well” she said simply which wasn't entirely a lie and not entirely the truth but she wasn't in the mood to break the news again.

“Oh Okay.” Was his only answer and the conversation topic was changed. For the rest of the bus ride thy amused themselves with their usual games which involved playing cards, miming and sticking their heads out of the window. They also had a very interesting conversation about the possibility of another world co-existing within their own which led to lots of arguing and laughing.

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