Unbreakable connections

This story is a fantsy novel I have written. It is about a girl who goes to another world and finds herself posed with danger and obstacles. She doesn't remeber her real family and the clock is ticking before it is too late to change what has been done.


5. Chase

Chapter 5

            Pulling into Emily’s street, the bus came to a stop and she waved goodbye to her friends. As she approached her house however, she saw that the car was not there and became nervous until she remembered that her mum was at the hospital and her dad was picking Millie up from a party. She fingered the keys in her pocket but she had time to spare and decided she might as well do something she wanted to do. She glanced over across the street at the small expanse of woodland and making up her mind, she crossed the road. The gentle swaying of the trees and the rustling of the leaves had a calming, relaxing effect on Emily and she slowly untied the laces of her shoes. The mud and decomposing foliage was damp and swishy beneath her feet and it gave her a sense of freedom and tranquillity as she stood there in the dappled light. She lay down on the damp floor and closed her eyes; for the first time in many days she felt truly at peace and her thoughts were not muddled or depressing. She must have fallen asleep to the lullaby of the forest for when a twig snapped, she sat up with a start as if woken from a deep sleep.

            She heard the sound of footsteps and approaching voices which puzzled her for hardly anyone came to these woods, especially on week days. Her brain told her to hide yet her feet had fallen asleep and her body was planted to the ground, unable  to move. It was as if she were stuck to the floor with glue. As the voices came ever closer, her senses came into action and she crouched down behind the bush adjacent to her and hoped they wouldn't see her. She felt stupid crouching there, hiding from what was probably just dog walkers or runners but since the accident she had become very jumpy and scared of even the slightest things. Everything was suddenly quiet and the sounds of the forest sounded strange and daunting. She peered round the side of the bush and as she did so, a twig snapped beneath her feet and the voices resumed once more.

“Over there” said a gruff voice and Emily saw a large hairy finger pointing in her direction. As they approached, Emily made out the shapes of two large men walking towards her and she held her breath in terror.

“Come out from behind the bush” The larger one said. “We can see you” Emily felt panic engulf her and once again she felt rooted to the spot.

“If you come out we won't hurt you.” The shorter one added. Emily rose shakily to her feet and turned to face the men. They were very large men with lots of hair covering their arms and they were both wearing thick, black boots and black denim jackets. The shorter one grinned at Emily and she shuddered, wondering how she was going to get out of this mess.

            “What do you want?” Emily stuttered just wanting to get this ordeal over with.

“Well...” The larger one said. “We want all your valuables”

“I don't have any.” Emily replied automatically but wished she hadn't.

“Yes you do. Don't lie to us. We know what school you go to and we know they provide you with laptops and you are probably carrying a cell phone or money. So hand it over.” The shorter one replied. Realizing the truth about these..., these..., stalkers Emily felt more afraid than ever before. Thoughts flooding through her head, she turned on the spot and started running as fast as she could through the maze of roots and tangled brambles. She knew these woods like the back of her hand but she had never run through them at such a speed before.

“Come back you little brat.” She heard as they called after her and started giving chase. Thorns tore at her arms and legs, cutting open her flesh as she ran blindly through the dense undergrowth. Daring a quick look behind her, she let out a gasp for her pursuers were gaining speed faster than she would have hoped or imagined. With their thick boots, the thorns provided no obstacle and they were almost upon her. She turned sharply to the left back onto the path where she picked up speed again but a few seconds later she skidded to a halt and stopped dead in her tracks for there, blocking her path, was a churning river. The water cascaded down the rocks with such a force that it sprayed her from a few metres away.

            “We've got you now sunshine.” The larger one said as they closed in upon her. The river had been no more than a trickle of water the last time she had been to this part of the woods and she didn't know if she could make the jump across to the bank. Blinded by fear and confusion, she flung her bag onto the ground and jumped.

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