Unbreakable connections

This story is a fantsy novel I have written. It is about a girl who goes to another world and finds herself posed with danger and obstacles. She doesn't remeber her real family and the clock is ticking before it is too late to change what has been done.


1. The beggining

Unbreakable Connections



            She reached out to grab him but it was too late and the car was approaching too fast for her to stop him now. The sound of collision echoed in her eardrums and the woman ran forward to where the old man lay motionless on the ground. She sank to the ground and put her arms over her head, trying to protect herself from the feeling of dread that was seeping into her body but as she did so, she  felt tears pouring down from her blue eyes. Bringing her arms down, she fumbled for her phone and called 999; reporting the accident through heavy sobs. The sound of sirens whirled around in her head, blocking out even her own thoughts and the events that followed were a blur for her; she saw the movement of blurred figures in yellow asking if she was okay and laying the man on a stretcher. She saw blood, her vision went black and she felt herself falling slowly to the floor.


Chapter 1

            The sound of wheels being pushed on hard ground woke her and she stirred ever so slightly; she was confused and worried. She then sat upright as the events from the morning came back to her. Or was it the even the same day? How long had she been lying here in the hospital bed unaware of anyone or anything around her? Looking around, her surroundings were unmistakable, the white beds with metal frames, the staff running around all dressed in white, holding clipboards and trying to deal with the next casualty. She was in the hospital, the ABC Hospital if she was not mistaken.       “Excuse me.” she managed, her voice a faint croak.

            “How may I help you?” Asked the nurse who had been passing by at the time.                  

 “My name is Clara and I...”

“Oh, yes your father was in a tragic accident yesterday?”

“Yesterday? But I haven't been here that long. How is he ...”

“Yes madam, you have been unconscious since yesterday. I will just go get the doctor if you will excuse me one moment.” She hurried off, leaving Clara in a daze. She coughed trying to clear her clogged up throat. The nurse returned with another member of the staff dressed in white (surprise, surprise) “This is Doctor Wiggins” Said the nurse and with that, she left the room.

“Hello Clara, I am so sorry to hear about your father”

“Is he okay? Can I see him?” Clara asked, worried by the tone in both the doctor's and the nurses’ voice.

“Here, take a seat” He gestured toward the unoccupied chair. She hoisted herself from the bed and made her way to the seat which he was pointing to.

“Could you please tell me what happened to him?  You see the ambulance crew knew only that he had taken a blow to the head but is crucial that we know how and when this incident took place” Clara hesitated, just wanting to know what had happened to her father but she continued anyway.

“We had been shopping, at the local shop, at around 10 in the morning, to get some new slippers for my dad. He was adamant about not buying new ones because he said that the old ones were still fine, even though they had loads of holes in!” Clara smiled to herself at the recollection but suddenly turned serious; was her father even alive?  She pushed these negative thoughts aside and carried on. “I went with him because I knew that he wouldn't buy them if I wasn't there. We were walking back and he was being grumpy because he said that his old slippers were perfectly fine. We stopped at the traffic light as they turned amber.” She sighed, wishing that she hadn't let him cross at that very moment. “He thought that he had enough time to cross before it turned red he started to cross and was almost half way across when the lights turned red. We didn't see the car.” Clara felt tears rolling down her cheeks and onto her lap. “Sorry” Clara said wiping the tears with her sleeve. “It turned the corner before we had time to react. My dad tried to run back, but he didn't make it. I made a grab for his coat to pull him back across the road but I missed. The car tried in vain to brake but... ” Tears rolled down her face, her sobs causing a disturbance in the corridor; people looked in the doorway to see if everything was okay. “Can I please know how he is now?” Clara said.

            The doctor turned around to face her.

“Well to be honest he is lucky to be alive” he said.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Clara asked with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“Well he lost a lot of blood and he has taken a nasty blow to the head, but he is alive.”

“So, is he okay then, nothing wrong with him?” Clara asked impatiently.   

“Well no Clara he has developed a problem, he has completely lost his memory. As far as the doctors can tell there is no simple cure to this problem, it is very grave.” Clara sighed, purely out of relief and anger. At least he was alive, she thought but these were doctors, it was their job to cure people not to just tell people that there is no cure. She remained silent though, not sharing her thoughts out loud.

“Can I see him?” she asked.

“Of course, but be prepared for a shock, he probably won't recognize you.” The doctor said.

            Walking down the hallway, Clara saw the nurses busily running around, tending to their patient's needs. She fingered the woollen slippers in her pocket, her fathers' slippers and she inhaled deep breaths, preparing herself for the worst.

“He's in there.”the doctor said, gesturing toward the room on the right hand side. Walking very slowly, Clara entered the room to see her father lying on the far bed, staring out of the window with a glazed look on his face.

The nurse by his bed saw Clara coming and said:

“Mr. Davidson, you have a visitor” He turned slowly, looking at Clara blankly.

“Hello, who might you be?” He asked, tears welling in Clara’s eyes but she choked back the tears.

“I'm Clara, your daughter.” She said slowly.

“I didn’t know I had a daughter, how wonderful.” He said and it was clear to her that he hadn't a clue who she was. A commotion in the corridor distracted him and he turned to face the door.

“Who did you say you were again?” He asked, turning his attention back to Clara and she felt tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I’m Clara, your daughter.” She repeated sadly.

“How lovely.” He said.

She turned to leave, the emotions battling inside her.

“Goodbye.” She managed. She then left the room, overcome by sadness and confusion. She fumbled for her phone and suddenly stopped, remembering. She cursed, reaching for her phone quickly and switching it on

“You have 20 new messages and 30 missed calls” her latest fancy gadget said in its annoying robotic tone.

“Oh drat.”She whispered. In all her frustration and with the accident she had forgotten to contact her family. They must be worried sick where she was. She scrolled down her contacts and pressed the green call button.

“Where on earth are you? We were so worried” her husband Mark said.

“I'm at the hospital, I'm so sorry I didn't call.” Clara whispered, looking over her shoulder at her father.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Mark asked, too worried to be frustrated that Clara hadn’t contacted them.

“I'll tell you when I get home. I don't want to talk about it.” She said. She called in a taxi and headed home, forcing the tears from her eyes.

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