Without A Sense Of Direction

Meet Victoria. A funny, smart, beautiful eighteen year old girl. One day she has it all; friends, a great boyfriend, a dad.. And the next day it's all gone. She is shipped off to London to live with her Aunt Lou. It's time for a fresh start, and when she meets Harry, her life changes once more. But is it for the better, or for the worst?

( This is my first movella, so if it is bad, I'm sorry! Like, comment, and favourite if you do like it! Please, it would mean so much to me! :D)



Lou was urgently needed for her job back in London. I wonder what it is? But anyway, as soon as the funeral was over we had to go to my house and pack my bags.

" Ready?" Lou asked.

" Yep." I replied, putting my last piece of clothing into my suitcase. 

We carried my suitcases downstairs and the taxi man put them into the trunk.

Lou could see that I was extremely upset, and she kept trying to change the subject. Saying things about how this will be so exciting, and how I would be able to babysit Lux, and meet the people she worked for.. I zoned out after that. I just couldn't get the thought of dad out of my head. He's gone. Forever. 

I'll have to live the remainder of my life without a parent. But I guess I have Lou, and Tom, and Lux. But I doubt it will ever be the same again.

We arrived at the airport, and hundreds of young girls crowded the entrance. What?

Lou grabbed my hand firmly, and pulled me along, obviously not wanting me to get mobbed by the teenage girls.

" Lou? Why are there so many people here? Screaming your name?" I asked. Many girls were screaming Lux's name too, as if she's a celebrity. She's a baby..

" Oh.. Um.. I'm a stylist." Lou replied. 

" A stylist? All this for a stylist?" I asked again, looking around. There's no way there's so many people here for a stylist.

" Yes. But I am the stylist for the worlds biggest Boy band. The fans probably think they are with me." she simply replied. What? The worlds biggest Boy Band? That's One Direction. Wait. LOU WORKS FOR ONE DIRECTION?! Omfg!! 

Okay, just so you know, I'm not an insane directioner who would hack into a computer to figure out their blood types, but I like their music. And who wouldn't fan girl if they met the worlds sexiest guys? Haha.

" One Direction?" I asked, making sure that she didn't know that I was freaking out on the inside.

" The one and only."
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