Without A Sense Of Direction

Meet Victoria. A funny, smart, beautiful eighteen year old girl. One day she has it all; friends, a great boyfriend, a dad.. And the next day it's all gone. She is shipped off to London to live with her Aunt Lou. It's time for a fresh start, and when she meets Harry, her life changes once more. But is it for the better, or for the worst?

( This is my first movella, so if it is bad, I'm sorry! Like, comment, and favourite if you do like it! Please, it would mean so much to me! :D)



My best friend Lauren had a firm grasp on my hand, and my other best friend Kelly had a strong grip on my other one.

The two very strong girls pulled me along, and towards the night club. I didn't really feel like going tonight, I wanted to hang out with Josh, but he was busy, so I agreed to go clubbing my friends.

" Guys, I don't really want to go in." I complain, it's not fun without Josh.

" Don't be a lazy ass Toto! Come on it'll be fun!" Lauren exclaims, pulling me through the glass doors of the club.

I groaned loudly, making it very clear that I didn't want to do this. But the sounds of music made it impossible to be heard. Ughh. This is going to be a crappy night.

I decided to take my phone out, and I started texting Josh, just to see how his night was going.

Me: Hey babe, what you up to? :)

I began to follow Kelly and Lauren up to the dance floor. That's when I noticed it, or, him.

Josh was there swallowing a girl I'd never seen before. Who was she? I stood there watching them. It's been a good minute and yet he still hasn't noticed me staring RIGHT AT HIM.

Eventually he pulled away, and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He read the text which I guessed was from me. He groaned- extremely loudly. He typed something in, and began to chew the girls face off once more.

Then I go a text, from him.

Joshy♥: oh nutin, just in bed. Pretty sleepy ;) what are you doing?

As I read those words I could feel my face go red with anger. To think that he cheated on me, but then lied to me infuriated me. If I got my hands on him, let's just say I'd.... Kill him? I'm not going to tell you what exact things were going through my mind. You'd be freaked out.

Me: Oh that's cool, what am I doing? I'm standing in the club, right behind you. You ass >:(


Once again he broke from the So-called kiss. I can't even say what he was actually doing, it was disgusting. It was like they were having sex standing up. Ewww....

He checked his phone, and his eyes widened to the size of golf balls. Haha.

He turned around and faced me. And his jaw literally hit the ground.

" So who's the bitch?" I ask, focusing on the way-too-skinny blonde standing behind him. She had WAY too much makeup on.

" She's.. Uh.. It's not what you think." he stutters.

" It probably isn't. I mean, you were only eating her face. How does makeup taste? She has loads of it." I ask sarcastically.

" Hey!" the skinny slut says from behind. " You can't talk to my boyfriend like that!" she shouts. What? Did I hear her correctly? Boyfriend?

" Did you say boyfriend?" I ask angrily. I could see the panic growing on Josh's face.

" Yep. For two months!" she yells, wrapping her arms around joshes waist. Well that means he's been cheating on me for two months with that fugly slut and i didn't realise. I was too 'IN LOVE' to notice. FUCK.

" Oh okay. By the way Josh, WE'RE OVER. " I yell, loud enough for some people to hear. Now Lauren and Kelly were standing by my side.

" Have fun with my left overs." I say to the dumb one behind him. 

I walked outside the club. I was extremely angry, but now, that anger was turning into tears. I ran towards the car in my high heels and sat in the drivers seat. 

" He's SUCH AN ASS!" I shout, ".. But I loved him.." I finish, now whispering, and the tears beginning to fall.

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