Without A Sense Of Direction

Meet Victoria. A funny, smart, beautiful eighteen year old girl. One day she has it all; friends, a great boyfriend, a dad.. And the next day it's all gone. She is shipped off to London to live with her Aunt Lou. It's time for a fresh start, and when she meets Harry, her life changes once more. But is it for the better, or for the worst?

( This is my first movella, so if it is bad, I'm sorry! Like, comment, and favourite if you do like it! Please, it would mean so much to me! :D)


5. The Funeral

I looked around, the room seemed so dull with people only wearing black- not a colour in sight. I saw numerous family members crying into one another's shoulders. But I was the only one not crying. What was wrong with me? I was his daughter after all.. But I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't even cry. I could only hear my mere heartbeat, and I thudded so loudly as I looked to my right, to see my aunt Lou with her daughter Lux sitting on her lap. Aunt Lou was the only family I had left. She lived in England, but she came to visit dad and I during the summers, and we were so close. The whole family came from all over the world just to be here.

The ceremony had ended, and they carried dads coffin outside. I stared down at it being lowered into the ground.

I felt a soft, gentle hand being put on my shoulder. I turned around to see my aunt Lou.

" Sweetie, are you okay?" she asked. 

I turned around to see the coffin laying in the dark, brown mud. 

" No.." I whispered. " I miss him.."

Lou pulled me into one of her gentle, loving hugs. These were like the ones mom used to give, before she.. Left us.

" I know honey. We all do.." she comforted me. She reminded me of mom so much, they were sisters after all. They even looked alike.

I sobbed into her black dress. At least no one will notice my mascara on it.

" I want you to come live in London with me." Lou stated. What? Live in London? That had been my dream ever since I was twelve.

I agreed, and minutes later Lou left me to go answer a phone call. Something to do with work? I wonder what she works as.

I looked back at the ground. I couldn't see the coffin anymore, it was covered with moist black soil.

I can't believe he's gone. I feel as if my whole world is crumbling beneath me. First my boyfriend. Now my dad. What next?
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