Without A Sense Of Direction

Meet Victoria. A funny, smart, beautiful eighteen year old girl. One day she has it all; friends, a great boyfriend, a dad.. And the next day it's all gone. She is shipped off to London to live with her Aunt Lou. It's time for a fresh start, and when she meets Harry, her life changes once more. But is it for the better, or for the worst?

( This is my first movella, so if it is bad, I'm sorry! Like, comment, and favourite if you do like it! Please, it would mean so much to me! :D)


6. *Authors Note*

Okay guys, just saying that this is NOT a chapter. It's just me saying..


THANKS! I am so happy right now! 17 favourites! and 10 likes?! ;D


I know it's probably nothing compared to what you guys might get, but I'm so happy about it! Please tell anyone you know to check it out if you like it.. I would greatly appreciate it! ;) Comment if you want me to continue the story. Okay?


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