Without A Sense Of Direction

Meet Victoria. A funny, smart, beautiful eighteen year old girl. One day she has it all; friends, a great boyfriend, a dad.. And the next day it's all gone. She is shipped off to London to live with her Aunt Lou. It's time for a fresh start, and when she meets Harry, her life changes once more. But is it for the better, or for the worst?

( This is my first movella, so if it is bad, I'm sorry! Like, comment, and favourite if you do like it! Please, it would mean so much to me! :D)


3. A 'Girly Night In'

 I laid up in my bedroom alone. It's been a week since I broke up with Josh for cheating on me, and I'm still depressed, but not as much as I am angry. I sat there thinking.

Why would he do something like that? He said he loved me, but I guess not- lying bastard.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knocking sound on my door.

" Come in.." I said gloomily.

Kelly and Lauren entered the room. Each holding a tub of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough icecream and a movie.

" Oh Toto!" Lauren exclaims coming to sit down on the bed beside me. I managed to crack a smile.

" Hey guys!" I said, I still hadn't returned to cheery self yet, and being my best friends Lauren and Kelly noticed.

" Come on! Stop crying over that dick head! He's moved on. He's not worth your tears!" Kelly said, she's got a point.

" Yeah, I guess your right." I replied.

" Come on! It's a girly night! Look we brought you some ice cream! And look, 'Mean Girls'!" they said, holding up each item.

" YAY! I love ' Mean Girls'!" I said excitedly. It's true, 'Bambi', 'Love Actually', and 'Titanic' are my all time favourite movies.

I stuck 'Mean Girls' in the DVD player and it began play.

Half way through the film we stopped paying attention.

" I've found two new men to love, and their names are Ben, and jerry!" I exclaimed, but in a funny way.

Everyone burst out laughing, even though it wasn't that funny. It was we were like we high, except, on sugar?..

I laughed even harder at the thought of it. The night went by so quickly, and we talked for ages. I had completely forgotten about Josh. I just needed a 'Girly Night In'.
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