New Starts

Louis Tomlinson comes to college. Read and find out more!


1. Hello

'And that is how WW2 started!' I heard my history teacher babble on, while I sat half asleep at the back of the classroom, yawning with everyone else. 4 minutes to go. I stared intensely at the clock, praying to just go home. The bell went and everyone scrambled out the classroom. I sighed and threw my bag on my shoulder and shuffled out. I went to my locker to put some books in. I was minding my own business when I felt a heavy metal object hit me in the face. 'Ouch!' I exclaimed, in suprise. 'Oh my god, i'm so sorry!' I looked up to a gorgeous face staring at me. 'My locker door just swung round..a..and I don't even know how..tha-'' He explained. I laughed quietly. 'Don't worry about it' I smiled. 'Your new aren't you?' I asked him. 'Yeah..'He smiled back. 'I'm Louis!' I gasped. Then looked properly at his face under the messy hair and beanie. 'Louis Tomlinson? Like, One Direction's Louis?' I asked. He sighed and looked down. 'Yeah' He mumbled. I contained myself and coughed. '' I replied calmly. He grinned. 'Your not gonna freak out are you?' He said. I laughed. 'No, no don't worry' I replied. 'Well, I gotta go Louis' I said, zipping up my bag. 'Okay see you around then I guess, even  though its winter holidays now' He laughed. I smiled and started walking away. 'Wait!' I heard someone yell. 'I didn't catch your name!' Louis grinned. 'It's Ella' I replied with a laugh and went on my way home.

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