Chelsea Leigh's Holiday One Shots

To celebrate the holidays, I have/will be writing some ficlets for the holidays (:


1. So I Kissed Him Underneath The Mistle Toe

A/N: 'Tis the season to be jolly. Tralala! ;D Whoop!

Since its Christmas I thought to treat my fellow Bebo heads with some Christmas tales revolving around some of my lovely characters and original fictional characters that I have nothing to do with -.-

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these festive-filled stories about these people I will write about. (:

[|] So I Kissed Him Underneath The Mistle Toe [|]

Fanon Harry Potter

Disclaimer Ah, the world of Harry Potter was created by J K Rowling. I am merely placing my own original characters in it for entertainment purposes. This is a non-profit story and I plan on not making any money from this.

Character(s) Benjamin Alexandre Foxx, Jonathan Bernard Funke, Jordana Janette Funke, Tamandra Marjorie Funke, Colin James Funke, Clifford Markus Deane and Mr. & Mrs. Funke

Pairing(s) Benji/Jono, one-sided Jordy/Benji, Tammy/Jenny, CJ/Cliff & Colin/Marjorie

Warning(s) Kissing between two boys, some swearing & mentions of a girl-on-girl relationship

Summary Its Christmas; a time that's meant to be shared with family. However, Benjamin is spending it with his best friend's family. Why? Because his home life suffocates him and he planned upon staying locked away inside his flat until Jonathan offers him a Christmas at Funke household. "And I'm not taking no as an answer," he said when Benjamin began to protest. So, he goes but little does he know that Jonathan's little sister has been setting up Weasley Mistle toe around the house. What happens when Benjamin and Jonathan get trapped beneath one? It is time that the two come clean...

[|] So I Kissed Him Underneath The Mistle Toe [|]

It was coming close to Christmas and the excitement was bubbling over the many young witches and wizards as they ran around the snow covered street in Hogsmeade. Snow balls were being flung around as giggles filled the air. Above from them, a young man sat in his flat trying to drown out the noise. The constant crackling of the fire filled his ears as he poured himself another glass of Fire Whiskey. Benjamin didn't envy anyone who enjoyed spending this holiday with their family. Well except from Jonathan because that guy could spend it with his family but still manage to get around. Benjamin wished he had his friend's views about life. Views that consisted of; partying, friends, more partying, family and, oh, more partying.

Gulping down his alcohol, Benjamin glanced over to the photo of himself with Jonathan. The two had their arms wrapped around the other's shoulder as Jordana and Orla were on either side of them, obviously laughing at a joke they had relayed. The photo was taken on the twins' twenty-first birthday and Benjamin remembered it well since a drunken Jordana had tried to lore him into her bed. He felt guilt for rejecting her but he had to because he only saw her as a sister. He noticed that himself and Jonathan kept sneaking side glances at one another in the photo. Benjamin felt his cheeks heat up as he realised what his own glances meant. His mind must have been so consumed upon the thoughts and feelings because his grip began to slack around his glass. It fell to the floor with a blood curdling SMASH!

"Shit!" He cursed, fumbling around for his wand. Oh, where had he put it?

"Repareo!" Benjamin paused his search when he heard that voice and watched as his glass floated into the air, the pieces fitting together to become anew. Turning on the spot, he felt his heart slam against his rib cage as he saw a smug looking Jonathan standing in the doorway of his flat, the spare key in his hand. "Alright Benny Boy?" The nickname sent a familiar down his spine.

"What are you doing here?" Benjamin caught the floating glass and placed it onto the table. This gave him the opportunity to turn away from his friend. Were they really friends after what had happened? After the two had... No, he couldn't think about because it was wrong. The two were both male for Merlin's sake!

"I came here to see my best mate and to see if he'd like to come over for Christmas. Well, me mam and dad wanted you to come." Benjamin turned to see the sheepish smile aligning his lips. It took a lot for him to fight down the smile that he felt tugging at his lips. Jonathan had this affect on him that was hard to control.

"No, I'd rather spend it alone if it was all the same." Benjamin heard his friend sigh and felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. He held onto the side just in case his legs gave out from the overwhelming warmth that was enveloping him.

"You can't seriously think that, mate? No one wants to spend Christmas by themselves even if they say so." Jonathan's warm breath hit the back of his neck and it took everything for Benjamin not to shudder in pleasure. Why did it feel so good? "And I'm not taking no an answer," he added. Benjamin could hear the hit of amusement in his tone. Closing his eyes, he let a sigh escape his lips.

"Fine then, I'll go to spend Christmas with you guys but I guarantee I won't be enjoying it." A chuckle left Jonathan's mouth as he pulled away from his friend.

"Really? Well, I'll just have to make sure that you have the most fun our of us all." He walked over to the front door and smirked when he heard Benjamin's footsteps following. His friend quickly put out the fire and walked out of the door.

"Let's go before I change my mind." Awkwardly, Jonathan held out his arm which was taken but hesitantly. "Well, Aparrate us to the Funke household." Letting a nervous chuckle leave his lips, Jonathan waved his wand over their heads making the two disappear with a loud CRACK!


Tamandra smirked as she pinned up the last of the mistle toe. This was her favourite part about Christmas; causing mischief. It did get lonesome at this time of year since Jennifer was at home with her own family. Tamandra missed her girlfriend like mad. She just wished that New Years Eve would hurry up. Until then, she would distract herself by setting up pranks around the house. Safe ones that was since Jonathan had taught her so. The mistle toe was her own idea which made her pleased since she was finally doing something on her own.

"Tammy, what the fuck are ya doing?" Her cousin, Clifford, asked as he watched her dismount her broom. She simply smirked at him, her eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Well, I'm playing cupid for Jono of course!" She exclaimed placing her broom into the cupboard that held the others. "He's been pining over Benji for weeks so this is the best time for the two to get together. 'Sides, it was I who suggested that Jono go and invite Benji over for Christmas."

"Ah, and of course you'd have to be smug 'bout that, don'cha? But playin' cupid could land ya into trouble so make sure to be sneaky, 'kay?" That only made Tamandra's smirk widen.

"Don't worry, Cliff, it might you and CJ that end up beneath one of my mistle toes." She winked at her cousin before disappearing down the hallway, leaving an embarrassed Clifford in her wake. Yes, Tamandra was observant but she covered it with her teasing.

"She's one confusing bitch," he muttered before turning away to go into his room. It was true that Tamandra could confuse a person but her perception amazed everybody around.


"Benji!" Marjorie (Mrs. Funke) called over when she saw the latter enter the household after her eldest child. She was quick to wrap her arms around Benjamin. "It has been such a long time since I've last seen you. How have you been, dear?"

"Fine. Work has exhausted me to be honest." He was avoiding Jonathan's eye, Marjorie could sense that. The two hadn't spoken to each other in weeks which meant something had gone on. She wanted to find out what and she knew that she would have to be clever about it. Mrs. Funke also knew that asking her son would be pointless as he was a terrific liar. Getting and spotting the truth would be hard. Whereas with Benjamin she knew the boy was too soft hearted to even tell a lie. This made him a terrible liar.

"Right, I'll lead you to your bedroom. Jonathan, go talk to Jordana; it seems she's mad with you for some reason." Like Jonathan, Jordana was stubborn when it came to her feelings. Marjorie had the odd feeling that Benjamin was involved. Well, the centre of the twins' despite but the boy had no idea about it. Marjorie had to find the confirmation to prove her theory. She wondered what the twins wanted from Benjamin. Friendship or romance? With Jordana it was plainly obvious but she didn't know with her son. That made her pause though since Jonathan had said that he had fallen in love with someone. Of course, she had shrugged off the notion because of Jonathan's activities and various women. Maybe he had been trying to get rid of such feelings? Whatever it was, he could not get rid of it that easily.


Benjamin was busy setting up the table when Jordana cornered him. He didn't understand why the girl was being presistant with him. In fact, he didn't get why women seemed to throw themselves at him. It scared him because he hated how they would openly flirt with him.

"So, we're alone..." Jordana cooed when she had managed to wage Benjamin between herself and the table. She teasingly ran her hand along his crotch which made him gag. What was she doing? She then pressed her body against his, he could feel her boobs which made him shudder. "You and I need to get rid of this tension and go at it. Have sex that is."

"Um... Sorry, Jordy but I..." But what? Benjamin wondered how he could get out of this situation. Well, that was until Jonathan entered the room.

"Jordana, leave him alone. He can't do that to someone he considers a sister." The latter turned and looked ready to shout but he held up a hand. "Save the crap, okay? It won't work easily since he kissed me." Benjamin felt his cheeks heat up as his friend admitted that. "C'mon, Benny Boy, let's go get some fresh air; its a bit thick here."

"Yea." Benjamin moved away from Jordana and sighed in relief. He looked at her and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, Jordy, but its true. I kissed your brother and I actually liked it."


"Clifford!" CJ called making the latter stop in his tracks. What did he want? "I'm stuck here and I need help." Turning, Clifford strolled over to where his cousin was stood. He then remembered something vital.

"Tammy put some mistle toe here," he looked and, yes, there it was. Cursing, he felt his legs freeze and he tired to move but it didn't work. "Shit, I'm stuck now. Um, CJ, the only thing to do is kiss. Its one of those joke ones." The latter did something that shocked him; he swore.

"Fucking hell, why did she do something as stupid like that?" CJ ran his hands through his dark locks, biting his lip. He was going to kill his sister! "Fuck!" He hid his face in his hands.

"Well, what's wrong? We just have to kiss on the lips." Gently, Clifford removed his cousin's hands and looked him deeply in the eyes. "Let's kill Tammy later, okay?"

"But we can't, you know? We're cousins; first cousin so we just can't." CJ protested, trying to deny his feelings. "If we did, it be crossing over to the for-" A pair of warm lips cut him off, making him change his mind all because Clifford was kissing him.


"I'm sorry about Jordana. She can be a bit presistant with those things." Was the first thing that Jonathan said to Benjamin when they sat in one of the meadows by the Funke household. It had to have been a good five minutes too. "I think she's fancied you since day one."

"Really? I can't think why a girl would fancy me. I mean, I'm not at boyfriend material." He let out a nervous chuckle as Jonathan just stared at him.

"Look, you mustn't be down on yourself. I mean," he moved closer to his friend so he could look into his eyes. "I mean, was I'm trying to say is- What the fuck is that?" Jonathan pointed above them and Benjamin followed his gaze.

"Hm. It looks like a mistle toe. I think someone must be close by; meddling." He started to gaze about them until he felt a hand cup his cheek. "Jono?"

"Hush. I was telling you something but someone seems to know better me so..." He trailed off and brushed his lips against Benjamin's. "What I was saying is that I'm in love with you. Please don't shot me, okay?"

"Me... me too... I love you too." That bought the biggest grin that he has ever seen upon Jonathan's face. This made Benjamin kiss him again but this time the two held it and moved their lips against the others.

They were so consumed in their kissing that they didn't see the mistle toe floating away. Where did it float? Towards the prankster who had been planting the mistle toe around the Funke household. Catching the mistle toe, Tamandra let a grin spread along her lips. She knew her next move; to kiss the pants off of her good friend Jennifer. With that thought firmly in her mind, the youngest Funke skipped away.


A|N: This was the first instalment of the Christmas one shots I am going to write. I'm posting this early because starting the fifteenth will be a Christmas prompt challenge between myself and my brother.

- Posted on both Bebo & Wattpad.

[Early] Happy Christmas/Holidays!

Chelsea Leigh (: xx

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