Nobody Compares


Zayn once intrudoced them to one another. Ela really likes Harry and Harry likes her too but he won't tell that he likes Ela because she don't want to have less fans because of being her girlfriend. When 1D had a very long tour Ela didn't like Harry anymore when they get back Louis' girlfriend keeps on talking about Ela and mention this "Harry, Ela don't like you anymore" Harry was really hurted and the day they were invited to the prom Harry and Ela was sitting alone just watching the others dance but Harry has feelings to Ela but Ela doesn't have a feelings for her anymore.



~ Ela's POV~
      I heard the horn of my dad's car beeping I runned towards the exit door I said "Daddy, mom knows?" he said "Mom knows what?" I said "Oh never mind. Is she there"  he said "Yes" I said "so, is Zayn coming?" he said "Well.. Yes with One Direction" I shouted "REALLY!???" he said "yes yes" I said "OMG why did I wear this?" he said "that looks fine" I said "to you.. But to them?" he said "they will love it" I said "ok." We're almost there I was so excited. I got curious and asked my dad "Do they drink?" he said "I think so.." I said "Well.." We're here I saw them I went to the back seat car and promised that i won't faint. My dad said "Ela!" I said "later.." he said "ok" and he offed the car I said "You would really like me to suffocate!" he said "Here" and opened the window I was like really?? I saw Harry!!!!! I was in the car repeating "I won't faint" 1000 times I saw Zayn asking my dad "Is Ela here?" it was so loud! He's with Louis, Niall, Liam and I turned back to the back window seeing Harry I shouted so loud that I think Zayn and Harry heard it.. I looked at Zayn and he's coming to me, I think.. He is! With Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam. He went to the window and said "Ela??" I said "Yess?" with a nervous voice he said "This is Harry..." and I said "before you continue I already know them.." he said "Ok good" and he talked to them "this is my cousin, Ela" they smiled at me I smiled back Zayn said "Go down" I said "N-n-no" he said "Why??" i said "i need to.. Sleep" he said "You can sleep inside" I said "There's people  drinking inside" he said "Hangout with us" I said "I don't know...." Harry said "Your sweating.." I said "Uhmm.. Is Zara here?" Zayn said "Yea" I said "Ok!" then I go down. Louis said "She's with Dana" I said "Oh.. Your girlfriend?" he said "Yes." Liam said "She's also with Lia and Rea" Niall said "Yea.. How old are you?" I said "17" Harry said "Oh!" I went up hurrying to Zara's room and I saw their girlfriends and they were fun. Rea said "Do you like Harry?" Dana said "She does!" Zara said "C'mon please tell" I said "I do.." Lia said "Perfect Match!" I said "No..No I think he doesnt like me." Dana said "He's kind! And Cute" I said "I know that but I think.." Zara said "Love at first sight?" Rea said "LLN/LNL sorry but we saw you" isaid "saw me where?" Lia said "While your talking to them" Dana said "You were BLUSHING" I said "No!! I was not!" Zara said "Tell the truth we saw you" I said "Wait..I was?" Zara said "Yea you did!" Lia said "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" I said "Well you can say that."
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