Dance Dreams - Ballet Academy

Kayla recieves a scholarship to a prestigious ballet school in London. At her Aussie suburban school she is by far the best but up against the world??? How will she go? Will she make enimies or friends? Will she be the best or the worst? Read on to find out!


2. Wow factor

Kayla's POV

I woke up at 5:00 and realised I was late! I rushed to get dressed in my 'airplane clothes'; black tracky's, a black, long-sleeve tee and a jumper. The limousine arrived at exactly 5:30am and my parents and I rushed out side. My Dad carried two bags, my Mum carried one and I wheeled my suit case while my last bag was over my shoulder. The driver stepped out, put my luggage in the boot of the long black car. Mum and dad both had tears in their eyes. Then I realised that I would be away for three years. I started crying too! I gave them both a huge hug. The driver cleared his throat and we parted. As I got in the car I waved goodbye to my parents for the final time. The tall and slightly plump man dressed in a dark suit closed the door and the tinted window blocked my parents from seeing me. I wasn't used to being up this early so in about two minutes of travelling I fell asleep. I can't remember the rest as I was so tired but all I can remember is stepping out of a limo outside of LRAB. One thing I can tell you is that it definitely had the "wow factor"! There stood three buildings. I checked my map. The middle one was the studio building which had six floors, the right one was the dorm rooms which had eight floors and the left one was the dining, living and chill out building which had four floors. The buildings were grand  but also a little bit modern. Perfect. I went to the reception and was asked to go to floor eight dorm 762.

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