Dance Dreams - Ballet Academy

Kayla recieves a scholarship to a prestigious ballet school in London. At her Aussie suburban school she is by far the best but up against the world??? How will she go? Will she make enimies or friends? Will she be the best or the worst? Read on to find out!


1. The letter

Kayla woke up screaming.

"The results are here! The results are here!"

She raced to the letter box and pulled out a letter. On the front it said:

'To Miss K. Kutey. From London Royal Academy of Ballet (LRAB).'

She sprinted inside and sat down on the chair next to the messy kitchen table. 

"Let's see then!" said her mother, sitting down next to her. Her father came over and squatted down in front of her. Kayla slowly opened the envelope with the letter opener and carefully pulled it out. She closed her eyes and unfolded it. As she opened her eyes they widened hugely.

"C'mon! Read it out!" 

"Okay. This is what it says..." 

Dear Kayla Kutey, 

You have been selected and accepted for a full scholarship (no costs not even for the flight or the limousine) to London Royal Academy of Ballet (LRAB). Our limousine will come to your house at 5:30 am sharp Friday the 26th of January to drive you to the airport. Everything will be taken care of from there. You will need to pack a case consisting of casual clothes, nice going out clothes, ballet leotards and tights, shoes (including ballet shoes), make up, decorations for your room, iPod/radio, money (at least $150.00 to start off with) and any other essentials. Hope to see you working harder than you've ever worked before.

Beverly Dudds Principal.

"OMG!" Kayla screamed. 

"Don't get too excited dear," laughed her mother. "You might fall out of your chair!"

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