Do I love you

Okay... Guys I'm not sure what to write so I'm just gonna make it up as I go hope u like ��


1. Funny little duck

Although zayn and I have been together for 8 months im still not sure if he loves me the way I do
I've asked him but he just says YES and walks off to the shed
Calling my mum I asked if I could come stay there while zayn sorts out his crap
"Zayn, could you come in here I have something to tell you" I yelled out
"Coming" he yelled back
As he came running he grabbed a shirt and pulled it over his 4 georgous abs
"What is it babe" he said calmly
"Um... Ohh sorry I forgot" I said chuckling nearvously
"Your a funny little duck" he said pulling me in close and giving me a kiss
"I love you" he whispered
I gasped "I love you too"
He giggled and walked off
"Ahhh" I said dreamily walking over to the couch

As I looked back I saw him carving something
I got up and walked over to him
"Watcha doing, babe" I said
"I'm not sure yet, he said pulling me in and hugging me
"Umm babe, air I need air" I laughed

As zayn grabbed my hand he pulled me inside and pushed me onto the bed
"I'll be back in a second, I've got a surprise"
But as he left I jumped up and ran to the toilet and vomited
"You Kay, babe" he called
"Yeah I'm fine I think I've got a stomach bug, that's all"
As zayn walked in he had a dozen red roses and 2 lollipops
As he walked closer I laughed and he jumped on the bed
But that was it, I jumped back up and ran to the toilet for another round of vomiting
"That's it, I'm calling the doctor for a check-up" he insisted

Zayn's POV
As I rolled over I saw belle in the toilet, AGAIN
as I got up I rushed to the kitchen and fetched a glass of water
'What's wrong' I said talking aloud to myself
"Here, drink this" I said
"We have to get to the hospital" she said sounding scared
"This is soo annoying"
The ride there was terribly quiet
As we pulled up Belle and I quickly rushed inside

2 hours later we came out with some news
Belle was pregnant, 2 months to be exact

Belle POV
as I got in the drivers seat zayn was already on twitter
Me and my girl are gonna have a baby
She's two months exactly I'm gonna be a daddy in 7 months

As I drove he put his phone down and kissed me on my neck
"We're gonna be parents although zayn was older than me by 2 years that didn't worry us at all because of Harry's gaps between his girlfriends

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