As much as I love you.

Some soppy love peom I wrote:')


1. As much as I love you.

I fell in love with you,

And I know nothing will compare,

To this amazing love,

Which we both share.


As time passed, the love has deepened,

Though even you’re far away,

Nothing will weaken,

Or stray.


I care about you in all the ways that I can imagine,

I want to make you smile so much.

As well as, feel the warmth and happiness

In every word and touch.


I know I do depend on you a little too much,

For support, honesty, warmth and lust

And patient understanding which I struggle to clutch,

Be happy; you must.


There's a special kind of happiness

That only love can bring,

And I've found that happiness with you,

You are my everything.


I can't believe how long its taken,

For me to tell you this,

I've loved you since forever,

And forever onwards, I bliss.


I want to be with you all my life,

Just to hold your hand.

I want to feel your arms around me,

To comfort me, when my heads in the sand.


In the mornings, just as we wake,

I want to see you smile.

Say I love you,

Which makes it all worth while.


The only dream and wish,

Is that someday, I'll know it's true.

That I know that, you love me,

As much as I love you.

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