undercover girl

alex appears to be the popular girl, but is she really? will someone find out her secret will she be known as the loser, will she disappoint her dad. when she meets one direction who she appears to not mind, will she find that her judgement was wrong or was she right.


2. rooms

"so how old are you? Alex." Harry asked "I'm 17" I replied "are you still in school?" he asked "yeah but we're on holidays here" I said "cool" he said. 

When the limo driver finally pulled up he helped us with the boys luggage.

When we walked inside my dad said "hi boys" "hello" they all said "Alex will show you to your rooms" he said "yeah..just follow me" I said as I walked up the stairs with Harrys suitcase, "this is your room Zayn" I said as I pointed to the first room to the left "cool thanks" he said as he walked in. "This is your room Liam" I said as pointed to the next room. "thank you" he replied as he walked in. "This is your rom Louis" I said as I pointed to room next to dads. "Thanks, love" he said  "and Harry, Niall your rooms are next to mine" I said as I turned around and walked towards my room, "This is your room Niall" I said "thanks" he replied "and your rooms over here" I said to Harry "thanks!" he said, the way he stared at my made me melt. "Um...." He mumbled as he looked awkwardly at me staring at him "um...here" I said as i passed him his suitcase "oh yeah, thanks" he said, I stared at him for about 15 seconds. "Well bye" he said "bye. If you need anything I'm right next door" I said "ok" he replied "ok" I said as I walked next door and opened my laptop.


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