undercover girl

alex appears to be the popular girl, but is she really? will someone find out her secret will she be known as the loser, will she disappoint her dad. when she meets one direction who she appears to not mind, will she find that her judgement was wrong or was she right.


3. Niall your amazing

I had a friend request on Facebook from Niall James Horan, I accepted him and walked next door to his room. I knocked on the door. "Hello" said Niall as he opened the door "hi" I said "come in" he said as he opened the door fully "thanks" I said as i stepped in and he shut the door behind me, "so whats up?" he asked in is cute irish accent "nothing much, you?" I asked "nothing much, just unpacking" he said "do you need some help?" I asked "sure" he replied. I got up and walked towards his closet but i tripped over his suit case and hooked his foot with me. we both ended up on the floor, me on top of him. "I'm, I'm sorry" i said as i got up, Niall pulled me down on top of him "what?" i asked. he held me face and kissed me with his soft lips. i could feel him up against me. we kissed for so long, i got up but he came up with me he pulled off my vans hoodie and i pulled off his sweats he then moved down to my sweats and pulled them off, i undid his shirt and took off his singlet, he pulled off my purple tank top and i pulled off his boxers, he undid my bra and took off my panties before pulling me onto his bed and we lied there for a while then he kissed me again getting deeper and deeper i played with his smooth blonde hair as he entered me. I heard footsteps getting closer to the door and i moaned "Niall stop" he didn't hear me over his own moaning i got closer to his neck and whispered into his ear "Niall stop" he didn't listen instead he pushed harder inside me almost jamming himself into me. i yelped loudly and moaned into his ear as i kissed his neck. i heard a knock on the door. "Niall" i half moaned, half demanded. he pulled out of me and looked at me. the knock got louder. i looked at him almost panicked. he pulled on his underwear and sweats and his top, he did up my bra and i pulled my underwear on and put on my sweats and i put my tank top and hoodie on. he answered the door and i pulled his duvet over the sheets.  "hey Niall" said my dad "oh hi Alex" he said "hi dad" i replied "so whats up?" Niall asked m dad "nothing much i just wanted to see how you were settling in" he said "I'm fine" he said "well thats good, Alex helping you unpack?" he asked "yeah" he replied "ok well ill see you later" said my dad as he close the door.

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