undercover girl

alex appears to be the popular girl, but is she really? will someone find out her secret will she be known as the loser, will she disappoint her dad. when she meets one direction who she appears to not mind, will she find that her judgement was wrong or was she right.


1. Do I Have To?

"honey come down stairs, I wanna talk to you!" called my dad "ok....ill be down in a second" I called back as I shut my laptop and walked downstairs into the dining room "what is it?" I asked "well I'd like you to take care of my new clients" he said "who are they?" i asked "One Direction" he said "oh just great!" i said sicasticaly.

I didn't really like One Direction, I dint mind them but i didn't love them.

"Please" he begged "fine..." i replied "so you'll go with the limo driver to the airport in an hour and bring them back here" he said "are they staying here?" i asked "for now..yes" he replied "ok..anything else?" i asked "no" he said "why can't you do it?" i asked "because i want the boys to have someone around them that are the same age as them" he explained "I'm 16 dad, maybe i have something better to do" i said "please" he said "fine...ill do it" i said. "thanks al, ill tell you when the limo drivers here" he said "ok" i said as i walked back up to my room. I checked my messages, my best friend Codie had texted me.

Codie- hey. Do you wanna do something tomorrow? 

i texted him back 

Me- not sure ill have to let you know. 

I opened my laptop and checked my twitter. I decided to follow the boys since ill have to hang out with them and sorta live with them. Harrys last tweet was. 

Harry_Styles: in the plane on the way to America. Cant wait!

that was posted 5 minutes ago and it already has 18097 retweets. Thats ridiculous. i shut my laptop and packed my bag with lipgloss, my wallet, my keys to the house, my iPod and my iPhone. I opened my laptop again and saw Zayn's latest tweet. 

Zaynmalik1D: landing in 30 minutes!

i closed my laptop and my dad called "The limos here!" "Coming!" I called.

I walked downstairs with my bag and got in the limo. He drove me to the airport , parked and walked in with me. The airport waiting area was full of screaming girls, the limo driver had a sign that said One Direction. When the boys came out the girls went crazy and some tried to hug and get their autographs. They walked up to the limo driver and Louis asked "are you our driver" "yes" said the driver "are you ready to go?" asked the driver "yes" said the boys "who are you?" asked Harry "Im your managers daughter" I said "oh hello there love, whats your name?" asked Liam "Im Alex" I replied "Im Louis, this is Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn" he said as he pointed at each of the boys "its nice to meet you boys" I said.

When we got in the car the driver headed home.


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