Me & You = Forever

Im KAT i know Niall Horan he lives next door to me. i use to cut my self before he moved next door. i dont know why i dont no more every time i try i just think of him and it makes me not do it. i think im falling for him, but he is dating my bully (Sammy) and my best friend Eleanor is Niall's step sister.


2. Two.


"your lying" i say   "Kat Would i lye to you.... your my best friend and you like Niall!" she says   "Kat likes who?!" mr. Horan says.   "N-Nobody.. just a guy at school" i say trying to cover up, i hope he buys it.   "haha.. don't worry kat.. its kept safe with me, and your way more better then that sammy chick? your like my own daughter." he says   "Naww daddy!!" Eleanor says.   "thanks dad.. but how did you know?" i say still confused. about things but happy he likes me more then sammy.     "the way you look at him.. it was like they way i look at Eleanor mum, when i was younger but you know now im a old fart.." he says.  it was cute about how he was talking about eleanors mum.. but funny how he called himself 'old fart' he always put a smile on my face just like niall.   ive got it bad.... i know. <3   "DAD!!" eleanor says.   "sorry darling but i just had to.. and kat he likes you too.. and he did sing it for you.. oh and yous girls will get to meet the band mates,  i think there names are louis, zayn, harry and liam.. yeah thats it.?" he says.   "when dad?" eleanor and i say. its like where twins or something we always say the same thing.   "To-" then he was cut off by mum saying.   "the guys are here!! Girls come down and meet them!"    "well right now...Im not a girl!" dad says. like i said he can be funny. we all run down the stairs like a group of elephants, then right at the last step eleanor trips and harry catched her, naww love at first site (;  hehe..    "hi im harry"   "im liam"   "im Zayn" he said winking at me    "and im the one and only LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!"   with that i laugh..   "and who must you be.. beautiful?" says harry. Oh no did i mention eleanor hates it when people say mushy cheesy stuff? well you know now..   "well that girl you catched it Eleanor.. and im her best friend Kat."   "OMG!! YOUR THE FAMOUS KAT!!" louis butts in. leaving me confused?   "umm what?" i say trying to put the pieces together.   "I think louis is trying to say.. that niall never shuts up about you" liam says. oh now i get why they call 'daddy direction'    "soo whats your band name lads?" i ask (lets pretend they haven't got one yet (; )   "umm i've never thought about it?" harry says.   "well you better soon. live shows starting in a week" i say.   "your right Kat.. lads what should we be called?"  liam says. then Mum comes in with plate full of food.   "well think after tea boys. We got dinner to eat!!" she says.   "YAYYY! IM STARVING!!" Me and Niall say at the same time. i look away blushing like mad.   "Naww just get married already!!" Louis says. i swear he is like thomas, daniel and johnny.   "well there not over 18!" Liam says.    "Well fine... but they will thank me one day!!" he says winking at me.    lets hope louis.. lets hope! i say in my mind..   Then i noticed were is Zayn???     end of chapter!! so harry and eleanor... Niall and Zayn? who will get kat? *sorry the chapter is short!*
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