Me & You = Forever

Im KAT i know Niall Horan he lives next door to me. i use to cut my self before he moved next door. i dont know why i dont no more every time i try i just think of him and it makes me not do it. i think im falling for him, but he is dating my bully (Sammy) and my best friend Eleanor is Niall's step sister.


4. Three.


After i ate Tea and got to know the lads and become close to them, i started to get really tired so i said good bye to everyone of them and kiss them on the cheek goodnight, i also promised to see them before they leave tomorrow.   i still couldn't find Zayn? where the hell is he not like i loved him or stalked him just that i was worried, im a person like that. after calling him 100 times and looking for him for ages i decide to get the hell home and sleep so i can wake up early. i start to walk home i unlock the door and walk up stairs, trying not to wake anyone up i get to my room and get some clothes and go to the bath room to get changed and brush my teeth i got changed into this [polyvore] after i get dressed and brush my teeth, i walk back into my room and i turn my light on some one shuts my door and pulls me into them and we start kissing we pull apart and it was Zayn..   **Niall's POV**   Kat just left and everyone is getting tired i decided to go to bed so i walk up stairs and go into my room i turn the light on, shut the door and i turn around and i see Kat and Zayn making out in Kats room. If you didn't know me and Kats room are right across from each other and since she lives next door i can look into her room cause she hasnt closed the window.   **Zayns POV**   when everyone was having tea i left and went inside Kats room waiting for her to walk in, NOT in a creepy way.  But i like her so my plan is to kiss her and if i have that spark well then yeah..   **Kats POV**   Me and Zayn just started making out for some reason i kept on seeing Niall and picturing it was him? weird i know. But deep down i felt a spark but what am i saying its hard to explain. We stop making out and i look and see that nialls light on then i see him.    OH NO! Niall..
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