Me & You = Forever

Im KAT i know Niall Horan he lives next door to me. i use to cut my self before he moved next door. i dont know why i dont no more every time i try i just think of him and it makes me not do it. i think im falling for him, but he is dating my bully (Sammy) and my best friend Eleanor is Niall's step sister.


5. four.


    **Kats POV (still) **   i looked at niall his face was priceless, i mean he looked mad and sad. but he wasn't looking at me he looked at zayn then he met eyes with me and a tear fell down his cheek. then he ran out of his room, then i looked at zayn he was smiling?    how could he do that to me?? he knew how i felt for him?   i just stepped away from him and cried then i remembered Niall?   **************************************************************************************************************   **Liams POV**   Louis, harry and I decided to go to bed it was getting late we where about to turn everything off then niall runs down stairs and it looks like he has been crying, red puffy eyes then he looked mad.. What happened he looked at us for a second then stormed out side the door. We all follow behind.   *********************************************************************************************************************   **Zayns POV**   finally i get to kiss her i knew niall was their i know bit mean but i want him to know i liked her too, he was right though she is a amazayn (she what i did there ;) ) person and she is really beautiful.    Niall just stormed out Kat just got pissed at me great! i decided to walk out side and confront  Niall.   *******************************************************************************************************   **Kats POV**   Zayn just stormed out of my room. who does he think he is?!  then i remembered niall stromed out of his house Zayn stormed out of my room?   OH NOO!!    A/N done chapter ladies soo what is going to happen? comment if you want  :) 
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