Me & You = Forever

Im KAT i know Niall Horan he lives next door to me. i use to cut my self before he moved next door. i dont know why i dont no more every time i try i just think of him and it makes me not do it. i think im falling for him, but he is dating my bully (Sammy) and my best friend Eleanor is Niall's step sister.


6. five.


So I walked down stairs and I here yelling coming out side my house. I walk out there and see niall and zayn punching each other I walked up to them and tried to break them up big mistake, I got punched in the face I dont know by who but I know it hurts even my nose is bleeding. Liam sees me and runs u to help me soon as Eleanor screams they stop and look at me, Niall runs up with zayn behind    "Kat?? I'm so so sorry" Niall and zayn say at the same time..   "Guys I think you'd should  back off " Harry says taking me inside into Eleanor's room, with Ellie cleaning my face up I then fall asleep on Eleanor's bed.   ~next day~   I wake up with a letter next to my pillow I take it thinking it would be from Ellie but its... Niall   Kat I'm really sorry, I just lost it. I'm really sorry for what happened to you r face. I didn't want to wake you so bye see you when I get back from xfactor wish me luck. X nialler   I. Started to cry, I never got to say good bye, then I remembered my face! I got up and looked in the mirror black eye, red nose with dry blood, puffy red Cheek and a cut lip in other words I'm more uglier ten I was great and I have school today!!!    (SORRY ABUT REALLY SMALL CHAPTER I DID THIS ON MY MUMS IPHONE AND IT WAS 20% BATTERY LEFT)
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