Me & You = Forever

Im KAT i know Niall Horan he lives next door to me. i use to cut my self before he moved next door. i dont know why i dont no more every time i try i just think of him and it makes me not do it. i think im falling for him, but he is dating my bully (Sammy) and my best friend Eleanor is Niall's step sister.


1. 0ne.


Walk into school and everyone is talking about Niall Horan preforming at X-Factor today, and i mean EVERYONE.  I do love niall but seriously, why does everyone love him, even the guys do, i know he is the hottest guy in school but yeah.  great  i walk to my locker and i soon see this - Kat Kitten 's Niall Horan. I know it  wouldn't of been Sammy, because she hates people liking Niall, to her only she can... Well anyway trying to get this off before anyone sees. great one of sammys friends just told her she is now walking up to me great im going to cop it. "WHAT THE FUCK.. IS THIS?" she says. "SOMEONE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY, TO PUT THIS UP EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT TRUE!!" i shout, wow it felt good yelling at your bully hope someone is filming and shows Eleanor, she always wanted to see this, sucks though  she is watching Niall preform. "Well get it off." she said and walked away. So i tell a teacher they get the cleaner to do it, and i thank him.    *******AFTER SCHOOL (sorry bit lazy since not even 1 heart ): ) ***********   I walk in the door all the boys know i like niall, and they say you just missed Niall he just sang on the X-Factor. I do love my brothers, i like how they dont tease me about a boy i like or say they will kill them if he tries anything, any ways back to reality.... "So did Niall do good?" i say, "Yeah he dedicated a song to his one and only" Thomas say with a wink ;) . "Oh well thats not me, he has a girlfriend" i say. "Oh is her name Kat?" johnny says? "No  its Sammy." i say. "oh well he has come home and eleanor wants you to go over or call her so she can come over?" Daniel says. "oh okay ill go over." i say. "naww want to go see Niall too? ;) " Johnny says.   "Well byee... and no!" i say and slam the door.  "I love Fish" i here Niall say.. "Umm okay?" i say as Ellie opens the door. "Oh hello Kat" he says and come gives me a hug. I hug back (who wouldn't), "OK break it up you two" Mr. Horan says. "HAHA hello dad" i say, ever since me and eleanor became friends her parents like me to call then Mum and Dad, since what happened to my parents, and they knew them. well anyways  back to what i was saying... "Im good Darl, yourself?" Mr.Horan says. "Fine thankyou, umm where is Eleanor?" i say so they can go back to what they where doing. "she is up stairs" He says. "thanks well byee...oh niall i herd you did well today, hope you get up to live shows?" i say running up stairs. "THANKS KAT.. AND ILL NEED ANOTHER 1000 HUGS.. CAUSE I'VE GOT TO LEAVE FOR BOOT CAMP TOMORROW!!" He says. i think  to my self he can hug me anytime if i was his girl well for now sister. "sure niall.. and ill miss you, but you better kick some butt." i say now im at eleanors door. "Kat i missed you.. did you hear?? Niall broke up with SAMMY.. YAYYY xD" she says. "naww.. yayy but to bad i thought he said he dedicated the song to her that he sang??" i say. "WELL NOO IT WAS YOU DUMM DUMM!!" she says.. "RIGHT??" i say. "ITS TRUE!!" she says.. (sorry about short chapter. more hearts the bigger the chapter :P sorry again xx)
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