Over Again

People never did believe me when I said Harry Styles was my best friend when I was younger. Everyone would call me a liar, but it's true. I met Harry when I was around 4 or 5 when I used to live in Holmes Chapel. Harry and I would do all kinds of stuff together. We were inseparable. However, Harry's parents had a few fights once in a while so things often didn't work with him sometimes. I was his shoulder to cry on. One day Harry came to me crying. His mum and dad were getting divorced and Harry was being forced to move away. We were just 7 so we didn't really understand the situation at that time but when Harry moved away, everything went downhill. I was depressed. I was an outcast and I didn't really talk to people anyone. Was he even going to come back for me? Would we ever see each other again?


5. Live While Were Young or..together

Alaina: I can't believe he didn't tell me about any of this. Why didn't he want me to know? Now he's saying he's moving after my birthday?! I was mad at Harry, but I could never stay mad at him for long. I would normally forgive him, especially since he is my best friend. This time, I would hold onto this..I stood there right in front of his window and him just crying. He'll never know how much he actually means to me. From every boy I've met in my entire life, he's different and someday that lucky girl that'll be called his will have one of the most nicest, charming boys ever. He was always there for me. He showed me he cared and he gained my trust. He was there for me.. whenever I needed him that's something no one else gave me. I was always judge by everyone in school despite how young I am. But Harry was the one that always would stand up for me.

"Well then, what are we going to do?" He asked interrrupting me from my thoughts. I thought about it again and I guess all we can do is spend as much time with each other as possible. I wiped away my tears and finally said

"Well..I guess all we can do is spend as much time with each other as we can."

"Right. But my mum isn't gonna let me come out at this hour!" He litterally almost yelled the last part. He covered his mouth and I giggled a little.

"Alaina! Time to come in now!"My mum yelled. She was a few feet away from me. Wow. 

"Okay mum, coming just give me a second!"I answered as I turned back to look at Harry. 

"Okay well how about you ask your mum if you can spend the night at my house? That way you can take a break from here and we can have a little more time to spend together."

"Okay hold on." Harry said as he walked away from the window and out of his room. 

"Haz I'll be back! I'm going to ask my mum too!" I yelled. He must've heard because I hear a soft 'Okay!' back. I then walked over to my house to ask my mum.



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