Over Again

People never did believe me when I said Harry Styles was my best friend when I was younger. Everyone would call me a liar, but it's true. I met Harry when I was around 4 or 5 when I used to live in Holmes Chapel. Harry and I would do all kinds of stuff together. We were inseparable. However, Harry's parents had a few fights once in a while so things often didn't work with him sometimes. I was his shoulder to cry on. One day Harry came to me crying. His mum and dad were getting divorced and Harry was being forced to move away. We were just 7 so we didn't really understand the situation at that time but when Harry moved away, everything went downhill. I was depressed. I was an outcast and I didn't really talk to people anyone. Was he even going to come back for me? Would we ever see each other again?


3. Im Leaving


"In a day, which means after Alaina's birthday. So I want you to pack and say your goodbyes after tomorrow."

Stilllll cranky. God, but seriously how am I supposed to tell Alaina? I can't just go up to her and be like 'my parents are getting a divorce and I'm moving tomorrow, bye.' She'll hate me forever! Plus,we probably won't even see each other again..

I sighed. "Okay mum." Gemma and I surprisingly said at the same time.

I'm just depressed okay? I dragged myself up to my room and laid on my bed once again. Thinking. How would I tell her? I can't leave the girl I secretly love. She's my everything. She's my best friend, I can't ever forget her no matter what. Wether she still likes or hates me after this. I'll stay in her life as long as she want me to. We're in this together. Yeah..i love her and I'm 7. Still..there's just something about her that I've always been drawn to and there's always been this one thing that I sorta felt. I felt like if I left, our lives would change if you know what I mean. No doubt she's gonna hate me right after I tell her, I've kept this from her for such a long time now. I cried and I cried, more and more tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't sleep at all but I didn't care. What does this all even mean anyway?!  Mum and dad did get married right? Shouldn't they always love each other? Isn't that the reason they got together? I'm so confused. I shouldn't have to go through this..

Alaina: Harry and I live right next to each other and I heard yelling. I hope he's okay..I decided to go and ask my mum if I could go see if he was alright.

"Mum! Dad! Give me 5 minutes I'm going to Harry's!"

"Okay. Just 5 minutes and hurry back."

"I will!" I yelled as I ran out the door and towards Harry's bedroom window. Thank god our rooms are both in front of our houses. I knocked. No answer. I knocked again, still no answer. I tried to listen to see if he was in there and I did hear a slight sound..it sounds like crying?

Oh no. This can't be good.

"Harry!" I whispered yelled, but softly so no one but him would be able to hear. I knocked again.

Harry: I cried and cried some more. I still couldn't sleep. Then I heard a knock at my window. Shoot! It's her. We live pretty close so it's no doubt she heard mum and dad yelling..what am I supposed to say?

Authors note: Sorry guys! I know this chapter wasn't too interesting and I actually had more to it but I have to go and I figured it would be best to put the rest in the next chapter. I'll update tomorrow I promise. I'll pretty much try and update daily, but if I don't it's either because I haven't written up the chapter yet, I have no ideas for the next chapter, I'm busy with school or I just can't come on. So yeah, but I hope you guys are enjoying the story. I know it didn't get too interesting yet but I have plans for the future events in the story. So yeah... :) and thanks for reading it haha and comment if you want longer chapters! Xx P.s: part of the next chapter will be continuing this scene, you'll see.

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