Over Again

People never did believe me when I said Harry Styles was my best friend when I was younger. Everyone would call me a liar, but it's true. I met Harry when I was around 4 or 5 when I used to live in Holmes Chapel. Harry and I would do all kinds of stuff together. We were inseparable. However, Harry's parents had a few fights once in a while so things often didn't work with him sometimes. I was his shoulder to cry on. One day Harry came to me crying. His mum and dad were getting divorced and Harry was being forced to move away. We were just 7 so we didn't really understand the situation at that time but when Harry moved away, everything went downhill. I was depressed. I was an outcast and I didn't really talk to people anyone. Was he even going to come back for me? Would we ever see each other again?


4. I have a confession and I have a plan


she knocked for the third time and I heard her call my name. I finally decided to answer and opened my window. At least she won't be able to see too much of me, it's dark so..

"Harry what happened? Are you okay?" 

"N-nothing. I-I'm fine." I stuttered in between sobs.

"Harry I've been you best friend long enough to know your when you lying or when you hiding something. What is it the you haven't been telling me about?"

I hesitated..then I decided better now then tomorrow. The earlier the better right? 

"Okay I'll tell you, but you have to promise you won't hate me after."

"I won't ever hate you Harry, I promise." she whispered.

"Okay things haven't been going so well between my mum and dad..a-and their getting divorced..and I'm moving right after tomorrow."

I saw tears start to stream down her face and mine just got worse. It broke my heart to see her like this.

"Alaina please, don't cry..I can't stand to see you like this." I whispered.

"Harry, you promised me you wouldn't leave me. I can't just see you leave like this."

"Well then, what are we going to do?" I asked. I was pretty curious and believe me, Alaina always has some sort of idea or plan..

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